Pacers beat Knicks and tied the series


Pacers beat Knicks and tied the series

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LOperating system The Knicks scored the first basket of the game… This was all their interest and almost all the resistance they offered in Indiana. The Pacers beat these Knicks. And they won in a more than strong way, 121-89, in a crush Which may have consequences in the near future.

In fact, the game lasted half a quarter. At the end of the first 10 minutes, the Pacers were already leading by 20, 34-14, Although the ease with which she returns today in the NBA advised to keep the result in quarantine in quarantine. But far from returning, what was seen was that The locals were more connected and were a storm: 69-41 at halftime and 101-63 at the end In the third quarter, both coaches called the game closed.

In fact, the entire fourth period was played by the second and third units, Unusual and lesser players in the playoffs. Pacers had a maximum of 43, 108-65 before the Knicks They will take some pride to compensate for the final score, less than 40.

The differences between the two teams were obvious. Indiana LANs with a 56.8% success rate by 33.7% are from New York. Also a significant difference in three times: 14 out of 31 (45.2%) For the Pacers and 7 of 37 (18.9%) for the Knicks. With these credentials, the locals prevailed in a more comfortable match than the intensity of the previous three matches of the series indicated.

A Halliburton He had time to score 20 points, with 4 of 10 on three-pointers, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. McConnell He left until he was 15 coming off the bench, Siakam Port 14 and Turner13, at some pretty solid Pacers.

In the Knicks The scoring leader was Burks, With 20, followed by 18 of Bronson And 16 of the alternative McBride Which by the way was ‘Nick’ which was on track for more minutes (32).

The series tied with home wins for both teams. Now the chain is moving Back to Madison to play, in the early hours of Tuesday at the merkols, The fifth match that is usually decisive.

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