Pablo Cardona and Javi Ruiz finished with Sanyo and Maxi in the sixteenth of the asunci Ermen


Pablo Cardona and Javi Ruiz finished with Sanyo and Maxi in the sixteenth of the asunci Ermen

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Pablo Cardona and Javier Ruiz They starred in the Octavo Day surprise from Assumption of P. 2 of the padel Prime Remove two myths as Maxie S. Ochs and Sanyo Gotti (3-6, 6-3, 6-4). He also highlighted the victory of the Argentines Tino Lebak and Leo Augsberger against Nachi Saqr and Salva Urrea (6-3 6-2).

Wednesday was the day of the debut with Victoria Luce No. 1 from the table of the seventh first Padel Championship, Arturo Coelho and August ocean TabeA, who beat 6-1 6-3 a Lucas Bergamini and Victor Ruiz And in the knockout stages they will face Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas, Who overcame a three-hour marathon to beat 2-6 6-1 7-6 a Cesc Gil and Ramiro Moyano. Instead, the Argentine derby was in the first round in order to Franco stupakczuk and Martin Ermen Di Nino, 6-2 6-4 against Juan Cruz belluati and Miguel Lamberti.

Liebach and Augsberger

Liebach and AugsbergerPrime Minister Badal

But the The next generation It is also observed in the women’s draw, with Those who were born in 2004 Noa sichimanovas and Jimena Velasco In the knockout stages after retirement Rufo-the boiler, When the young Spaniard was ahead 5-2 in the third set.

L Canovas and Velasco, Now, there is a challenge against the No. 1 of the VIP rating Paula josemar, Irma and Ari severniches, World Health Organization They will debut with Priya / Jones ermelez (2, against sharifova / Martinez), Triay / Vern ermenez (3, against J. ermelez / shock) and Ortega / verseda (5, against Casali / Soriano. However, the longest match of the day was the one I wonN Araceli Martinez and Marina genart, Which eliminated the number 9 from the table Aranzazu Osoro and Carmen goinaga. The fight lasted three hours and 5 minutes and ended 6-7 7-5 7-6.

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