Osasuna: Jagoba arrasat: “the second half was not worthy”


Osasuna: Jagoba arrasat: “the second half was not worthy”

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Osasuna’s second defeat in a row That in recent weeks he is presenting his worst version of the entire campaign. Jagoba arasati commented on the match at a press conference: “The second half was humiliating and horrible. We have been a disaster and this is where we cannot continue.”

Stinging criticism for piratua who saw his team lose 3-0 against an opponent who was practically relegated. The league is reaching its final stretch but Jagoba said: “We only have one month of competition left and the second half is not the way”.

Also when asked if he Being in the No Man’s land in the affected order On the performance of the team, Jagoba replied: I want to believe that no because these guys proved that they are not, Today we had to take a step forward and we differed a lot.”

With regard to the remaining matches, the coach of briatua has a clear goal at this final stage: “Compete in the best way and be Osasuna more than ever In the remaining matches it is the last thing I will ask them and I will ask myself.”

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