Onikaga was crowned in Europe and wins the championship of the International Basketball Federation


Onikaga was crowned in Europe and wins the championship of the International Basketball Federation

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El Unicaja Take Basketball Champions League to be played in Belgrade. Malagius cooked on low heat a triumph for him Tenerife never finish (80-75). The third European title in History of the Los Guindos Lumos club Of the game that was solid enough to bring down for a good version of Marcelinho HuertasOnce, the lady learned a lesson to those who Ebon Navarro After what happened in karpina in 2023.

The match began with a reverb from the final. The cashiers were looking for their first points since permetro and Lenovo Tenerife found them thanks to the best player, Marcelinho Huertas. Canary painting allowed to connect the equator of the first act with baskets Tyson Carter and Alberto Daz. The defenses were imposing and the teams were exhausting their possessions without being able to throw. The pace was slow. Kravish scores three-on-one by Fittipaldo. Equality was Tanika. Those of Ebon Navarro got a 6.75 line To finish the quarter with a small acceleration of six points ahead, (10-16).

The second quarter continued to maintain the nerves and tension of the first. The points were obvious due to their absence. Both teams were signing unusual injury percentages. Kyle Guy He was trying to keep his own document, but onekaga was able to do some Dao with Kalinowski and kravish. The ones with fedorita They got a small partial 5-0, but Malaga’s six-advantage barrier did not go down. It was a beautiful duel in a battle Alberto Daz and Huertas. The materialism of onekaga Be noticed at the end of the room with Perry and Kalinowski Eleven gave an advantage to kostasolius in the first half, (27-38).

After the appeal, Djedovic began to lead the attack in the final. Permetro worked on Los Guindos equipment which made a clear difference with Lenovo Tenerife is something stuck in the mud. I should be fourteen years old From the advantage of the malacitan team, but at that moment the reaction of Tenerife arrived. Shermadini record inside, Total Abromaitis abroad and in a jiffy Lenovo got four points. Barreiro and Carter Stop the bleeding. The moment of separation I returned to the green and purple side. Huertas and Barreiro They distributed three-pointers and signed to reach the final quarter with swords in full swing, (56-62).

Onekaga hit the accelerator again at the beginning of the last stage. A jar of jewels revealed with a trio of Osetkovsky and the OB alley of SIMA to make malacitanos fly. These fedorita did not hand over the spoon at any time, Fittipaldo caused the death of Ebon Navarro. I felt good about onikaga and Perry, the best player of the final, and the five-point resolute Respectively to return oxygen to the malagus. The party entered the stage at which Onikaga gave options for an additional life to the insatiable Tenerife in the struggle. Abromaitis and chermadini They tried to bring the shock to the last seconds. There were only less than ten left when Alberto Daz made a heart brave so that two free throws gave him the victory and the first PCL in its history to Unicaja. (75-80)

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