Ogura returns to Jarka dolls and aldgir drama in Moto 2


Ogura returns to Jarka dolls and aldgir drama in Moto 2

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Ai Ogura wins Barcelona Moto2 race. The Japanese rider made a great comeback, managing the tires very well, to beat Sergio Garca dolls, his MSI mountain teammate, at the finish. Double for you and Boscoscuro. All in all, buryana is the leader of the lady and already takes 20 points from Roberts.

Manu Gonzales sansin received In the last hour with a jump in X2, hampered by another driver and instead of starting in sixth place, I started in ninth. Navarro runs as a guest with the striker and Danny muse replaces bendenider. Both were already formidable in training.

The conditions were good, with sunshine and the highest temperatures on the weekend, with 24 degrees in the environment and 34 on the asphalt.

In Director, Sergio Garca doles the tap Ideal for maintaining first place. Arenas moved up to take second place ahead of aldgir. Roberts was playing the role of Izan GevarA, let him fall and he was taking a Chantra in front. Soon it was Sasaki who got into an accident. Ogura Suba From the tenth to the fourth.

Aldgir took a little time to respond He accepted the possibility that Sergio was looking for an escape. Vern bass and the squares Turn 1. Murcian then passed Garka dulz at Turn 10.

At that point they went to the ground Moreira and Danny muse. The young Andalusian could not shine in the previous days.

Garka dulz answered aldegir with a pass, but one of Oura counted the previous overtaking at 10. They got a parallel running one with acceleration and hold.

Alonso elbez was going to the lady. He grew up, outgrown pilots. In three laps he went from eighth to fourth, following arenas. Manu Gonzales falls On his return. I was going to decimo. Kanye was going for a little long, but fought back on your feet. ARN was in the group after the leading C.

Aldgir was pulling And he was leaving dsima to dsima. Compiero, Alonso LEZ, with a spear LEZ helmet, trimming with sand. The same thing Ogura does to put the four Boscoscuro in the lead. Impressive.

Tony Arbolino was punished With the passage through the ‘long lap’ zone. He was outside the point zone.

After a long battle, Kanye finally overtook Viti to take sixth place. He did it with a punt in Turn 12. He even raised his left leg after that. Did I ask for forgiveness?

Garka dolls stabilized the difference by seven-tenths. Ogura overtook lippez to take third place and Canet, arenas to already take fifth place… And the first Calyx.

With ten turns left, the sword of Damocles was coming for aldger: commissioners Be warned about sansin To step on the green parts several times.

Arenas returns to go from milliseconds to minus and is overtaken by Viti, Cena Agius and Dixon.

The race was hesitant, because Sergio is getting closer again To Vern. But the castellonensi was also warned by the referees that punishment could come to him. Viti crashed at Turn 10 when he was driving in sixth place.

Kanye went up while Alonso elbez and Arn went down to Madrid.

With seven rounds remaining, Aldger was punished With the passage through the’long lap’. He jumped right now… And Fell In this Turn 1.

At that time it was I was the one who accepted asphalt Turn 5. He was the third after cada de Verne.

Sergio sees himself alone, but the threat comes from behind and from his partner: Ogura.

Roberts, who came second overall, was penalized with a long lap pass for exceeding the track limits. He was the seventh and even the ninth.

When there were four turns left, Ogura passes very easily to Garka dolls At the direct end to take the initiative. His pace was much higher. Dixon also beat Alonso Lopez for third place.

El madrillo suffered a lot from his tires and was caught by a group that passed by him without remesin: arenas, Agios and Alcoba had no mercy.

Ogura soon left his neighbor at MSI mountain and took second in two laps to take victory on the track.

Alcove and Agios They bypassed the arenas to take fourth and fifth place. A very good career for both. Ramirez moved to Alonso, Roberts was just undissimo Navarro and Massey scored.

The victory was for Ogura and the double for MSI mountain, where Sergio was in second place and the leader of MSI. Dixon gave the podium to kvmoto Aspar.

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