Now you can play the 24-25 season on the app and the web


Now you can play the 24-25 season on the app and the web

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NIf international players still go on vacation to attend the European Cup and the America’s Cup, even at Movistar Fantasia Marca We have no intention of taking them this year. This season you have managed to sign Mbappe in the French league, the Champions League, the euro… And now he is shooting tennis in the Liga market. We start the new campaign in the game with the five major national championships (first, second, main, Italian league and French League 1) And we will add more official tournaments to complement the competitive men’s for the taste of the most demanding Quarrymen.

Restart with the same balance and equipment

When it’s time to restart your leagues is It is very important to notify the administrator if you want to keep the players and money. Just go to the league settings/settings/teams and new seasons start with them… Maintain equipment and balance. The other option that will be shown to you (the most used one) is to start with 15 random players, more than 200 million budget (team value deduction).

(Included) (/included)

Liga e sports will start on Thursday, August 15th and every day we will update the highs and lows in the market (also in the rest of the competitions). Mbappe arrives in Spanish football to overthrow his new colleague, the last fictional King, from the throne of the most valuable (Bellingham). There are also new faces in the game such as Indrek (Real Madrid), perod (Betis), Abel Ruiz (Girona), Ijok (Seville)… You can start signing.

Remember that the application is available on Google Play and Apple Store. If you prefer to play in web-only tennis mode instead of entering . There will be important news that we will announce in the coming weeks.

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