Norris softens Tustin / brand


Norris softens Tustin / brand

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And when the 2024 Grand Prix was giving its last blows Lando Norris seemed to give color to the finish of the race among the yawns that turned into excitement due to the illness of the second Red Bull in two races. Today it was tires and a battery, in Australia the engine. However, despite the melted tires, Max managed to keep the case and postpone the attack on his throne.

It goes more fair, that the S, without exaggeration, but for now they stopped the first big attack of the Reds and oranges with another victory for the Campins. Manako will be another story, let’s hope because Max has been given time to win this race after the pole And playing at dawn in simrasingh has a 24-hour relay. That’s what there are friends for.

Either extending the stop or covering the undermining of Piastri soon was Sainz’s strategy, but neither a nor B since a few races with Carlos, instead C, losing two places each with Oscar and Chico. Fifth when I should have been in fourth place, but that’s okay, especially with some improvements that were not expected at Maranello. “If I really told you what there is to earn…”Deca Spado. Ferrari called him EVO , but Sainz ‘upgraded’, not a b-car. And he was right 55.

McLaren He has achieved such a beast of improvement that he even withstood a Ferrari in a Ferrari. A huge promotion to win in Miami but the lack of waist today on the wall was amazing and managed to cost them the victory, as he came out on the only stop Norris after Chico, made him lose a very tasty roll against the Red Bull that never fails. Being a camper is the driver, the car, but also the terminals, the wall, the luck…. They had many today, but not all of them. And against Max they are necessary.

Imola, Tustin. Revise, enhance and update with fan zones and DJs, or NEOs singing an anthem, but Tustin with a neck roll. The past year has been horror and tragedy and they deserve to celebrate their careers, also to lend a helping hand in the pandemic years, but Not by facilities, access, not even by the arena itself, with almost no overtaking (18 in 2022), teams are fighting to stay in place, at a minimum… It looks like a big stage, Just for atmosphere and taste, but it’s definitely not Monza. It is a second home of dominicali and pulls what he can from his people. Let’s see how long the gum stretches.

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