Niue will be Ferrari’s ‘Super processor’ in 2025 and will already contribute to the 2026 car


Niue will be Ferrari’s ‘Super processor’ in 2025 and will already contribute to the 2026 car

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LOr just confirmed is that Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing at the end of this season, As confirmed by the Austrian team on May 1. Of his future , what is persistently rumored is that Arrival at Ferrari next season, With a somewhat restricted role, but then, as he fulfills the periods prescribed for ‘gardening’ (rest required to maintain secrecy with his former team) and will later be integrated into the Formula 1 car business.

Niue has already told Miami that nothing is certain about the upcoming challenges. “Maybe I’ll go on a trip with my wife and dogs. We’ll get to a mobile home or something like that… Once we get there we will go all over France and enjoy life. Then, a contest at some point, I don’t know, I’ll take a shower and say, ‘Well, this will be the next adventure. There is no plan now.”, He was commenting in an interview with Sky Sports Formula 1.

Now, from the same series , but in Italy, Newey’s steps began to reveal , that from now until he ends up at Red Bull in December, he will no longer be involved in the Formula 1 car and will devote himself to the RB17 hypercar project, with which the brand wants to create the first circular car outside Formula 1 and which will be presented this summer. 50 units will be produced, the delivery of which will begin in 2026 and it is not excluded that they will arrive at the World Water Center.

Niue deadlines

From Sky Sports Italy confirmed that ” the official announcement is missing, But for Adrian Newey, all roads lead to Maranello”, In addition to being more specific. His future position will not be the position of head coach of skudera, but in a more ethereal character, which does not correspond to any currently existing position.

“At Ferrari he will have a role Supervisor, from April 2025, with the possibility of working on a new 2026 car project”, They are from the Italian television network. “Maybe I am tooTake part in races, Since his arrival shortly after the start of the season.”As things look, it is not at all out of the question that in the red car of the next Formula 1 organizational change, precisely in 2026, there are no more original ideas from Niue. In Italy, they are waiting for him with open arms for a team that is taking good steps forward to approach Red Bull this very year.

No announcement is expected in Imola this weekend, But the remote possibility that it could happen cannot be ruled out. It is about the arrival of the world championship in Europe and on a symbolic circuit for Italian motorsport and for Ferrari. There is no better scenario.

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