Nemo, winner of Eurovision 2024 with ‘symbol’: Switzerland, wins the song festival


Nemo, winner of Eurovision 2024 with ‘symbol’: Switzerland, wins the song festival

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La Controversy surrounded this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Participation Israel, As well as the expulsion of an actor Low passes, Put the contest on everyone’s lips during the last hours. However, the competition was held relatively normally, not counting the whistles and boos for the singer from Israel, and the winner of this year is already known.

The Previous bets They aim almost peerless at Croatia The winner of the 2024 edition, followed by Israel and Switzerland. The odds of the three passes were more than 10% in the bookmakers in the hours before the festival.

In addition, as we already know , the People’s jury vote It counts a little more than the jury vote: specifically, 50.6% correspond to the audience and 49.4% to the jury, since all passes give scores ranging from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points.

Nemo, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Against all odds, Switzerland, Who was away in the bookies from beating Croatia, has He won the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Although it is true that the votes of the professional jury gave him a huge advantage, an advantage that ultimately made him get the victory, the television did not disappoint the actor Switzerland And with 227 points she managed to surpass the baby lasagna, from Croatia, which was the maximum favorite of the public with 337 votes but not so much from the professional jury.

Israel, Far from being among the top three as expected according to the bookmakers, he dropped to fifth place behind Ukraine, Which is the third, and France, Which was the fourth.

This was Nemo’s performance, ‘the symbol’

This was the performance of the winner of Eurovision 2024

Spain, at the end of the table

Although we do not start with high hopes, after the performances Bookmakers had placed Spain in 10th place. However, the reality was different since The professional jury awarded US only 19 points Which were distributed as follows:

  • San Marino: 6
  • Switzerland: 1
  • Austria: 4
  • Italy: 7
  • Finland: 1

We are still hurting because our neighbor Portugal didn’t give us points, We also left the TV very far from the middle of the table with only 11 points, which led to Total 30 points. The result that led us to 22nd place Only ahead of Slovenia (27 points), Austria (24 points) and Norway (16 points).

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