NBA: wimpanyama with rookie of the year confirms the beginning of his ERA


NBA: wimpanyama with rookie of the year confirms the beginning of his ERA

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Everything that is good about Victor wimpanyama was true. He may have failed. The miracle of Tottenham He responded to the high expectations that surrounded him before he landed in the NBA to the surprise of the basketball planet and the entire universe. To confirm the beginning of his ERA, 2.24-meter-old Franks , 20 years old He was voted Rookie of the year ahead of Chet Holmgren (Oklahoma City Thunder) and Brandon Miller (Charlotte Hornets).

Wimpey received 495 votes as a result of 99 elections in the first place to the media committee, of which there was a consensus to present the award. Holmgren came in 295th (98 second-place votes and one third-place vote) and Miller came in 86th.


To explain your choice, the simple thing would be to go to your numbers: 21.4 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 3.6 blocks (statistical leader), 1.8 three-pointers and 1.2 rebounds. In the history of the NBA, no one has made such figures. No newbie, no one. He is also the first player to achieve 1,500 points, 250 assists and 100 three-pointers in one season, he has never made two consecutive 5-5 games, he is the youngest to score 20 points and 20 rebounds in a game, he has added 43 double-doubles, two triple-doubles and Have dealt with a double quadruple to achieve sooner or later.

All this will be enough to justify the award , but it is Their influence far exceeds djitos As amazing as she is. The NBA has never seen anything like wimbanyama And he took it upon himself to confirm that he is the closest thing to an alien who has ever played basketball: Giant moves like an escort, Who runs along the track as if wearing shoes from seven tournaments and comes first on the counterattack , which Block without jumping the same scoring three times after taking ATS step, Which he hits with the same ease that he finds gaps to penetrate towards the hoop…

Its resources are abundant in the attack And it gives the feeling that it will increase with the passage of the seasons. However, He is on defense as he has already been confirmed as an absolute NBA Lite player. In fact, he is Also nominated for best defender Together with a compatriot Rudy Gobert and Pam Adebayo. When ‘Wimpy’ is on the right track, there is awe. He modified the term far away, because you are not far enough from his endless arms. Not even three times. Plugs are counted, and the fear that instills them, no. It is only known that it is a lot.

Protected materialism

The Rookie of the Year award is the culmination of a season that has already left great news for wambanyama: Health. With that Virgil physical appearance, There are reasonable doubts about his suitability in the hustle and bustle of the NBA. He also answered Ah: He missed only 11 matches, Mostly the second night of back to back. Tottenham have protected him Restricting his minutes, which remained at 29.7 per game. It’s scary to think about where he can put his statistics when his presence on the track increases.

The race to be the best rookie was tight until the middle of the course, when Holmgren was a worthy competitor. In addition to his brilliant performances, the Thunder was also supported by the victories of his team, at the end Campine Del Oeste. Spurs spent the whole season at the bottom of the conference (22-60), Although in the end they outgrew the Blazers so as not to be collista. However, the performance of wimpanyama, his influence, numerous marks and the improvement of his team fired him A prize that does not accept discussion.

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