NBA: the process of self-destruction of the most tortured soul in the NBA: Delonte West falls into his Hell


NBA: the process of self-destruction of the most tortured soul in the NBA: Delonte West falls into his Hell

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Delonte West, The Alma M. S. extra of the NBA, He was arrested and imprisoned again in his country A certain race for self-destruction.

The former NBA player , who has 40 years old, He was arrested in Virginia after trying to escape from policemen who tried to serve him with a warrant (about his violation of probation conditions) and resisting arrest.

The Fairfax Police Department is located in Delonte West at Grofton, Virginia And previously the Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks Escape.

A chase ensued and officers found him unconscious After being overlooked during the chase.

Delonte West , World Health Organization He suffered a medical emergency (agents had to give him Narcan (naloxone) to recover him from an alleged overdose), He was taken to the hospital to regain consciousness and later locked up in the detention center.

La cada Los infernos Delonte West , the most tortured soul in the NBA

Delonte West came to the NBA from St. Joseph and was selected by the Boston Celtics as the 24th number of the 204th draft. The rule, which He earned more than 16 million dollars during his NBA career, Played 432 matches in the best league in the world and averaged 9.7 points ; 3.6 assists and 2.9 rebounds Before he ended his career in 2012.

The former player, who suffers from bipolar disorder, was already the hero of various scenarios even at the stage of his gameplay. For example, in 2009 he was caught carrying multiple firearms, While in 2012 he was fined by the NBA himself for Put your finger in Udo Gordon Hayward In the middle of the confrontation between the Mavericks and jazz.

In 2010 his name jumped back into the headlines when He is rumored to be in a relationship with Gloria James., The mother of former Cavaliers teammate LeBron James.

While in 2016 one A picture of you begging on the street Alert about the status of the previous player.

Hit on the street; Delonte West’s former NBA partner LeBron also ended up

West himself assured that he was not homeless, but recorded his mental problems and how he was trying to fight the demons that still lurk around every corner.

In 2020, some photos of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban picks up Adelante West At the gas station try to help him.

Delonte West , on the street again begging

In the year 2022 Delonte West had a long shot at returning to basketball He competed in the Big 3.

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