NBA Draft 2024: Malaga Zachary Rischer is number 1 in the NBA Draft and Alex Sarr, former in Madrid , 2


NBA Draft 2024: Malaga Zachary Rischer is number 1 in the NBA Draft and Alex Sarr, former in Madrid , 2

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LOperating system Atlanta Hawks He was selected as the number one pick in the 2024 NBA draft for the French Zachary Rischer.

Born in Malaga (Spain), Reisacher took over from compatriot Victor wimpanyama, who was number one last year with the San Antonio Spurs.

The son of former player Stefan Rischer, who among other teams is part of onicaja de Malaga, Rischer finally won the match for another Frenchman, Alex Sarr, who was also running for number one.

It’s a blessing, I’m so excited. I’m lucky

Zachary Rischer

“It’s a blessing, I’m so excited. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings right now. I am privileged, with my family and friends here. It’s impressive, I don’t have to say, ” Rischer announced after being selected as the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Zachary Risacher lived in Spain for three years, first in Malaga and then in Murcia, between 2005 and 2008, Until the family returned to France after his father’s career.

Rischer, who played for the JL Borg frakens, is thus relegated to the NBA by some hawks who are in the No Man’s zone: they have not yet started reconstruction, they are not a competitive team in the East either and their two stars (Trey Young and DeJonte Murray) seem to be on the market.

That is The fifteenth player who was not born in the United States who managed to be number one in the NBA Draft.

Washington Wizards select Alex SAAR for the second place in the NBA Draft

Alex Sarr, former Real Madrid player Who played for the Perth Wildcats in Australia this season, you didn’t have to wait long to hear his name in the draft as he was selected second overall by Washington Wizards.

Saar has long been a big favorite of number one, but he refuses to train with Falcons, Leaving a clear path for processors to choose these Mercules.

With Two years of training with Real Madrid students, Overtime passes through the academy and after a season competing in Australia begins his stage in the NBA.

His brother, Olivier Saar, has a two-year contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder and was his reference.

“He told me a lot of things, everything I learned was through. He gave me a lot of knowledge, me and my dad. Because, I’m what it means to not be drafted, did it’s so special to be here today, ” he says.

Other top picks in the 2024 NBA Draft

For their part, the Houston Rockets with the American number three chose Reed Shepard (Kentucky.).

Stephon Castle With all four of the San Antonio Spurs, Ron Holland II With the Detroit Pistons and the Donovan Clingan With the Portland Trail Blazers.

Giant Zack Eddie can be considered a steal of the 2024 NBA Draft

One of the players who could be considered a ‘steal’ from the draft was selected ninth overall by the Memphis Grizzlies. It is about Zack Eddy, Who dominated the NCAA this season averaging 25.2 points per game and 12.2 rebounds.

In addition, the team together with the Canadian national team held by Jordi Fernandez took part in the 2023 World Cup.

First round of the NBA Draft 2024: Juan Nez has not been selected and must wait for the second round

Juan Nez, A 20-year-old Spanish goalkeeper who excelled in the last two seasons with the German team Ratiopharm Ulm after leaving Real Madrid, finally did not enter the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft and must wait to be selected in the second round.

1. Hawks-Zachary Rischer (JL burg en Bresse) < br >

2. Wizards-Alex Saar (Perth)

3. Rockets-red Sheppard (Kentucky.)

4. Tottenham-Stephon Castle (Connecticut)

5. Pistons-Ron Holland II (ignite the league)

6. Hornets-salon crowns (Cholet Basket)

7. Trail Blazers-Donovan Clingan (Connecticut)

8. Spurs-Rob Dillingham (Kentucky) – traded to the Timberwolves

9. Grizzlies-Zach Eddy (Purdue)

10. Jazz-Cody Williams (Colorado)

11. Bulls-Matas puzilis (J – League)

12. The Thunder-Nikola subject (as Crvena Zvezda)

13. Kings-Devin Carter (Providence)

14. Trail Blazers-Bob Carrington (Pittsburgh) – traded to Wizards

15. Het-Clel Ware (Indiana

16. 76 Ayers-Jared McCain (Duke)

17. Lakers-Dalton Knecht (Tennessee)

18. Magic-Tristan da Silva (Colorado)

19. Raptors-Jacoby Walter (Baylor)

20. Cavaliers-Jaylon Tyson (Cal)

21. Pelicans-Yves Macy (Baylor)

22. Suns-Daron Holmes II (Dayton) – traded to the Nuggets

23. Bucks-A. J. Johnson (Illawarra)

24. Knicks-Keyshawn George (Miami) – traded to Wizards

25. Nix-bachum dadet (Ratiopharm Ulm)

26. Wizards-Dillon Jones (Weber State) – traded to Knicks, then Thunder

27. Timberwolves-Terrence Shannon Jr. (Illinois)

28. Nuggets-Ryan Dunn (Virginia) – traded to the Suns

29. Jazz-Isaiah Collier (University of Southern California)

30. Celtics-Baylor Sherman (Creighton)

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