Mutua Madrid Open: Nadal his farewell: “I don’t want to make a sea of tears because I didn’t finish my way”


Mutua Madrid Open: Nadal his farewell: “I don’t want to make a sea of tears because I didn’t finish my way”

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RRafael Nadal said an emotional goodbye to center court Manolo Santana. Organization Lowered from the ceiling five canvases with photos of the five titles won by the tennis player at the Madrid Masters 1000.

With the soundtrack of the wrestler, his favorite movie, Nadal gets excited with a video of his matches in the capital of Spain. His family and even Cholo Simeone were losing tears.”It was a joke, next year I’ll be back“, He joked.

The crowd is on their feet to say goodbye to Rafa Nadal in Madrid

Speaking seriously, he noted the circumstances forcing him to retire from the slopes: “it’s a difficult day when he arrives, but life and my body have sent me signals that this is the right time.”Rafa is leaving Madrid but he won’t leave forever because he left Rome before the big goal of Roland Garros.

The passage and the closed applause of Nadal in his last match in Paris

“I can only thank everyone who helped me in my career at some point. It’s not over… But here s. It’s a gift you’ve been giving for 21 years. Madrid was more important to me than the grand slam. The feelings of Madrid remain with me forever. I was lucky enough that I managed to make a hobby a job and also do it well. I feel very lucky and I can’t ask for anything Mrs., ” he said about the track.

And I kept talking“I hope that I have managed to be a good example for new generations. This is more important than addresses. I hope that I have generated positive emotions. The only thing I can say is thank you. I can’t say anything Mrs. what I’m feeling is this.”

Technical problems of honoring Nadal in Madrid: I can’t stand laughing!Victor Romero

About his last meeting in Madrid, Nadal also explained how he feels: “This was a difficult day when he arrived, but it’s already a reality. My life and body have been sending signals to me for a long time. I’ve been able to say Addis playing on this track, one of those MMS has excited me and playing as I wanted. Finally, I would like to thank all the people who made this tournament possible. For all the guys the Spaniard is very nice. I am sure that other generations will continue to enjoy this environment. I would like to thank my team and family when I retire. Because I keep going.”

Emotions also passed from inside the tennis player: “I don’t want to make a sea of tears because I didn’t finish my journey with the racket in my hands. It has been a passionately night for MS not to be able. But this is not the time to give up everything that I have inside at the level of emotions and sensations. I have a long way to go and I don’t want to give up all the adrenaline. In Madrid the circle closed. I could not have imagined being here at almost 38 years old.”

Rafa sees that the glass is half full at this stage: “I have taken steps forward in every way and now we have to consolidate these developments. I arrived here with doubts about everything and I leave with less doubts. Most of the first set was my best set since I came back to the competition. It’s DA who was in a better position on the right track.”

Regarding his future plans, it is clear that Rafa ” I want to play in Rome and do well. I will work hard to achieve this. It’s one of the most important tournaments in my career, they’ve won it 10 times.”

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