Mutua Madrid Open: Carlos Alcaraz concedes the crown in the Madrid quarters with Rublev and endangers the ATP podium


Mutua Madrid Open: Carlos Alcaraz concedes the crown in the Madrid quarters with Rublev and endangers the ATP podium

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CArlos Alcaraz, who arrived in Madrid with doubts about his ability to play, leaves the Masters 1000 in the Spanish capital without being able to defend the Campine Crown. And all that after the defeat this merkul In the quarters against Andrei Rublev, by a score of 4-6 , 6-3 and 6-2, in 1 hour 59 minutes.

Alcaraz came out to play this merkul with the aftermath of yesterday’s fight with Jan-Lennard Struve and lasted 2 hours and 52 minutes. The last time he stayed on the court for a long time he would have admitted in the quarters of the Australian Open with Alexander Zverev.

The thing is that Carlitos is a lot Carlitos in the Spanish territory. He has not been at home since he fell to Rafael Nadal in the second round of TMS Madrid in 2021, the day he came of age. The sequence of 14 wins in the Magic Square, a joint record with Nadal, is already history.

Carlos Alcaraz recognizes the crown in the Madrid quarters with Rublev and jeopardizes the ATP podium

The pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero will not be able to re-check the title and subtract 800 points next Monday, May 6. This means that Daniil Medvedev will remove him from the ATP podium if Jerry lehika wins tomorrow. It will be Medvedev who will have to keep the scepter of the Roman-Italian Forum from next week.

Okay, Charlie“, Dissolving itself after the draw of the second leg of the match. I had to save a broken ball.

The match was played indoors due to the risk of rain. Alcaraz was eating the ground for his opponent until he took the serve in the fifth round. It was worth it to add the initial sleeves.

In the continuation, Rublev began to hit harder and deeper inside. He wasn’t going to give up and at no time did I lose my temper or throw the racket. In the blink of an eye, he controlled 3-0. I kept the lead by 4-1. Carlitos managed to retake 4-2 and 15-40. Do not take advantage of the situation. Andrei signed the boards and his body language was better. That’s why another break was recorded at the beginning of the third set.

Murcian had to row and get down to business. He could have drawn one, but he could not. The game was missing for details.

The Muscovite is definitely on the scoreboard with a 4-1 position with two breaks in his favor. There was such a large margin for the return that the fans did not get tired of shouting: “s-by itself, S-by itself”. Alkaraz, He recovered from the forearm injury that left him unable to compete in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, Is already looking in the direction of Rome (third round in 2023), the last stop on the way to Roland Garros.

As is the ATP platform today

1. Novak Djokovic 9,990

2. Yannick The Sinner-8,860

3. Carlos Alcaraz 7.345

4. Daniil Medvedev 7.195

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