Movistar regains coverage FA Pelayo Sanchez: Boado of points and morale of the clouds


Movistar regains coverage FA Pelayo Sanchez: Boado of points and morale of the clouds

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LThe OS Movistar team arrived with the desire to take revenge for this Giro d’italia. They knew at the turn, during the Grand Partenza, that the general was very complicated. “The idea is a stage and a top 10,” Decca liner Rubio at Marca plus, the official magazine of Corsa Rosa.

As the obstacle between Alaphilippe and Pelayo was in full dispute over the victory

For Nairo Quintana, the challenge was similar: “I don’t think I can fight with the best, but I need to set the tone to be good in the third week and look for victory.”The whole team was shown on the same line. And one of them, Pelayo Sanchez, marked yesterday’s stage on the calendar. He discussed this with Samuel Sanchez, his mentor, the day before through a private conversation.

Fisonero Quintana: “today we will send Pelayo to escape”@ Malagatina

And that’s how they talked on the bus. Quintana himself, in this case ‘Insight’, said in a live video that the plan is that: to put Sanchez on the run and go up with Machada. The plan went completely. Despite the recent scare in Vertigo, the ASTRI showed that his punch is the fastest at the finish line and won against strong rivals.

As’ straight ‘ Pelayo Sanchez was at a crucial moment that could cost him victory

“There is no suffering that lasts 100 years,” the team wrote on their social networks, a guide to the memory of their patron, Telefonica. With yesterday’s points, Movistar has 14,144 points and is 30,876 points away from the UAE’s lead and +2,143 points away from relegation. It is four places above.

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