Michael Phelps brings the World Anti-Doping Agency back and a half


Michael Phelps brings the World Anti-Doping Agency back and a half

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LThe Legend of the Olympics Michael Phelps He testified on Tuesday afternoon at Congress, An intervention in which he was criticized World Anti-Doping Agency By inconsistently applying the rules, generating frustration in athletes who do not use drugs and, he said, Allowing positive cases , as with China , to continue to compete.

Former swimmer, The highest medal in the history of the games (28), Appeared in Conference Subcommittee on energy and Commerce Together with the Olympic swimming champion Alison Schmidt He described the efforts he had to make to not test positive for doping, while, According to him, athletes from China and Russia can dodge the anti-doping rules and continue to compete.

“We have to hold them accountable for what they do. They live on an island.”Phelps explained, with 23 Olympic golds, About the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Medal holders criticized the agency for Let 11 Chinese swimmers who tested positive before the Olympics compete in Paris.Ow. From Tokyo. The agency considered that it was Accidental contamination. “If we keep going as… And let this get worse, Perhaps the Olympic Games are not so interesting.”Phelps appeared before members of Congress.

Lawmakers of both parties considered that if this is what is happening, The United States should stop funding the Anti-Doping Agency, Where U.S. protected areas are the largest contributor.

Phelps confirms that In one year, he had to undergo 150 anti-doping tests , while other delegations were examined only 30 or 40 times. “We compete hard, follow protocols and accept our defeats with grace,” Schmidt concluded.

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