McGregor’s latest fling: he partied until 2 a.m. a month after his fight


McGregor’s latest fling: he partied until 2 a.m. a month after his fight

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EThe state in which it will be Conor McGregor (22-6-0) for his fight on June 29 against Michael Chandler (23-8-0) is still unknown. The Irishman returns to the Octagon after almost three years, and although he has stated on several occasions that he is “training hard” for his comeback, he does not stop posting videos that contradict these words. The last one, from this weekend.

McGregor has posted many photos and videos on his social networks Black Forge Inn, In Dublin, Ireland, where he danced and performed with Dee Devlin, his partner and the mother of his children. Although he has flaunted his brand of whiskey on several occasions, there is no visual image in which he drinks. It seems that he left something behind this setting. But the party, of course, was total.

‘Notorious’ , who was in the bar until after 2 am, He was compared by many to Ryan Garcia and the tactic that the boxer used against Haney. Weeks of allegedly bad preparation and mental games to end up beating him in the ring. Then, in the case of Garcia, there were problems with weight and his positivity in the anti-doping test.

The UFC 303 that McGregor and Chandler will face is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated fights not already of the year… But it’s a contract. The return of one of the most important personalities in the world than against a rival who has been waiting for him for years.

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