Mbappe alert: from the stadium to the hospital in Dusseldorf


Mbappe alert: from the stadium to the hospital in Dusseldorf

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DA branch of Kylian Mbappe… And for France. One of the Bondi made alarms go off at the debut of’ Les Plus ‘ at Euro 2024 in Germany. And it is that after a fortissimo hit with Kevin Danso in the last minutes, with the tightness of the match (1-0), Marsh was injured and a nose was clearly affected. Minutes later the bad news was confirmed.

The new signing of Real Madrid, in the words of his coach, has broken his nose. At the end of the match, Kylian Mbappe arrived in an ambulance to be taken to the University Hospital of Dusseldorf, where he will undergo tests and it will be determined whether he will undergo surgery or not in the coming hours.

Chronology of what happened

Kylian Mbappe He had to leave Austria-France relations In the 90th minute after receiving a strong blow to the face, which left him bleeding and possibly a broken nose. The attacker from Real Madrid Try to finish off the cross , but he can not contact the ball and hit himself violently with a shoulder DansoCentral Austria.

Immediately the attacker went to the floor , his hands on his face , and the rival goalkeeper was Patrick Bentz Those that caught the attention of the faculty Gil Manzano To stop the meeting and that Mbappe can be taken care of from. The French assistants came in and dealt with the point on speed… Although they could not do anything for his continuity on the field and he left with a broken nose, according to the photos.

Before being substituted, Mbappe returned to the field without permission and received the yellow card of the Spanish referee. A card that could affect the future of the tournament, Since two yellow cards at this European Championship mean the match of sansin.

After the match, on TF1, Didier Deschamps spoke: “If Mbappe’s nose is broken? Apparently the picture, his nose is not good at all. We’ll see. That’s the bad thing about tonight. Even if it’s just the nose, it’s very annoying for us.”

Is Mbappe’s nose broken? Apparently the picture, his nose is not good at all. We’ll see

Didier Deschamps

Thus, Gaul will be analyzed by the medical team of les plus in the coming hours and there is already talk in the mixed area of the stadium about The protective mask that will have to use the one from Bondi In the rest of the European Cup.

Later , at a press conference, Deschamps returned to analyze the situation: “he’s not feeling well, he’s in bad shape, he was in the hands of the medical staff. He has a bad nose, that’s for sure, it looks complicated. SA is a disadvantage for us tonight.”

He is not feeling well , he is in a bad condition , he was in the hands of the medical staff

Didier Deschamps

What’s going on with Mbappe now?

Doubts, of course, face the recovery time of Mbappe. The next match, against low and decisive passes for the first place in the group, is next Friday the 21st at 21:00. The group closes on the 26th against Poland (18: 00).

In other similar cases, players like poor (fracture of the appropriate nasal bones) or Sal (deviation of the nasal septum) They have fallen about 10 days so the group stage of Kilian is in danger.

I talked about it in ‘L’equipe Le Soir’ and Dr. Fr. Brynd, Former doctor of the French national team:”we have seen athletes playing with protection . It still takes some time to recover. And in the next 10-15 days it will be a bit complicated. Obviously, it is necessary to make a complete assessment with photos to find out whether only the nasal septum was affected, and whether other facial bones were not affected. I’m thinking about cigarettes. If so, then the competition for the player will end. If it’s just cartilage, it may need to be put back in place. We can risk making him play with protection , but after a week of rest

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