Marta Ortega: “everyone loves Seville , it will be very cool”


Marta Ortega: “everyone loves Seville , it will be very cool”

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El The best PDL in the world Land on Seville. The Andalusian capital is the seat of The first Test From The first Padel circuit in Spain Out of a total of Four Tests This season. The Estadio La Cartuja Welcome From April 28 to May 5 For all the big names in the world calendar, among which there is an institution Marta Ortega, One of the most attractive players on the professional circuit.

Madrillia and Ceratina They performed this afternoon in Seville New DC-7 Chrono Padel Edition by Marta Ortega. The player is Brand ambassador From Swiss watches Since 2023 He was involved in the whole process of creating this new sports chronograph. The doctor comes from the competition in Lotto Brussels premier exchange B2 With Vero versida. “We started the tournament very well. We played a very good first game. The second was very difficult, but we also played very well. We come from the competition in Miami, and also by teams. It is true that We play against the number 2 couple and it’s complicated, But at the moment we are playing very well , for others they are not doing well, we blame them too, but we are looking for our regularity and looking forward to Fight every match“, He commented.

Sevilla hosts One of the four Tests From the circle in Spain. “We Waiting for this championship is like May Water. Not only for us, but also our families and the people who follow him because Biddle is very Spanish. It’s going to turn out really, really well. Seville everyone loves, Many years have passed since the Democratic Workers ‘ Party came to Seville… It’s going to be a very cool tournament and we have to take the opportunity to See us in Spain. We have four , but one doesn’t arrive until Christmas and We have to take advantage of that because I think we will be less and less here“, Abont Marta Ortega.

The first time I met Rafa Nadal I couldn’t speak, I think I didn’t even tell him my name

Charterhouse Joins others Big stages Who sponsored Bud. “Nannies will imagine me playing at Philippe Chatrier. Itlico Forum; in Madrid, WiZink; here, cartuga; in Barcelona, Palau… Very symbolic sites This glorifies this sport, makes it attractive and this is very important. That’s what the prime minister is working on a lot.”To talk about Roland Garros is to do it too from Rafa Nadal. “I admire him very much. I’ve been able to match up with L several times. The first one I couldn’t speak, I think I didn’t tell the poor guy my name. I am very close friends with his sister and this makes the relationship very close and very natural. That’s funny, kind of Speer. I just listened to him at a press conference with this emotional gesture and he laughs”.

Marta knew Combining sports and your medical career “Sleep a little.”He is now performing a Master in sports injuries Although she is focused on Tennis. What are you waiting for From his participation in Seville? “Sensations. Restoration The very good version that we presented in Doha, In Brussels we played very well in the early days. The goal, to win the first match. Find a good feeling with the track and with the ball as soon as possible, and Try to make it to the weekend. To fight a lot. Run a lot.”

A person who becomes number 1 is that he has a certain part of the obsession with his sport

Madrillia also spoke about the importance of Mental work. “With Vero we have the advantage that we have known each other for a long time. Sometimes we can talk directly or indirectly or with the coach , but between us There was no such lack of communication At any time. The mental part is to manage specific moments.”They also noted Perception. For the player, the Bresin She’s a travel buddy. “A person who becomes number 1 is that he has a certain part of the obsession with his sport And he thinks about it constantly. Pressure Always take a break and you have to try Make her up or call her something else Or To be grateful To get that pressure. You have to play with it because you won’t take it off. She is a companion And he will play tricks on you and whoever says that stress never affects him lies one hundred percent, but you have to deal with it.”

The New DC-7 Chrono Padel edition from Marta Ortega It has a stainless steel case with Black BD coating The first frame A carbon fiber ball, the same material used in Marta Biddle’s racket. The subtleties on the dial also highlight the contact with the dial:a small dial ball at 6 o’clock. The player was “very happy” with the result. The new chronograph ” pays tribute Exceptional leadership, determination and success From the doctor. With her outgoing and dynamic personality , she is a wonderful ambassador of Certina , and Biddle, ” according to Mark Ellin, CEO of Certina.

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