Luka Doncic clings to the miracle


Luka Doncic clings to the miracle

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No one has returned (156 times) to 3-0 in the NBA playoffs. It seems impossible, a quiz it is. But the Dallas Mavericks took out his game and pride to extend the NBA Finals (3-1). With a tough beating, 122-84, for a few Boston Celtics Who went from knowing it was their coronation night to not being recognized. A The wonderful Luka Doncic Les Ba is on top (29 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and three steals in just three quarters) Finally, his comrades accompanied him.


There was only one team on track from 8-9 of the first possessions. This is the best summary , from the inappropriate Celtics. With 35 points in the first half, the worst since Mazzola led them. And a difference of 38 points, deserved by the sad performance of his best players. The 10 from brown or 15 from Tatum are the example. There were still three minutes of the third quarter when they quit and the substitutes got on the track.

Dallas and Doncic come out brilliant

Dallas I repeated the perfect start to the match, But on this occasion without awakening the Celtics (34-21, 12′). Luka Doncic’s direct position with 13 points In the first quarter, to open the margin inside and make the Boston defense sting. They also joined Irving and the wonderful appearance by vivid, Including the index of three, to obtain a Celtics Cel that only Tatum’s response At the dawn of the fourth meeting. The appearance of the giant shattered everything and Luca, come on, was better than ever.

I don’t think much about the Celtics. They lost balls, Brown and white were missing everything, Tatum was running out of options. And Dallas was rushing everything. If Exum enters, Exum will respond. If it’s Doncic’s turn, madness will come. Balancing with 2 + 1, suspension and the first part without comparison. From 25 points. Not measurable.

Balancing Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving

Doncic and the others. Because unlike the first three games, everyone contributed. And Boston fell on the verdict. 5/19 from a triple in the first half and 30-12 mourned the rebound that held his worst first half with Joe Mazzola As a coach. 61-35, incredible.

Mavs, with all

The work of the Dallas Chorale has not changed. And in the second part I repeated the same formula. Running, aggressive and crushing in the paint. It also featured, for the dominant first time in the final, Daniel Gafford. With other delicacies from Doncic In addition, Dallas continued its sweep in the fourth meeting (75-42, 31′). E Irving, somewhat less involved than before but very aggressive, imposes himself on the interior.

Nothing, nothing, remained in the Celtics from the quarter similar to that of the 3-0. So much so that another wonderful line, led by Kyrie Irving, with two enormous baskets , and Derek lively, above the hoop, burst out a brief reaction attempt of the holiday She made the impossible. With 88.52 Mazola drew substitutes. And more than three minutes into the final quarter.

Gafford’s huge busting match vignette

Doncic, as if that were not enough, still gives them a final blow with the last of his classic shots of the basics. Then he sat down. The perfect match, finally. One they needed to nominate a miracle to take action. And without having to force the machine, in a complete and absolute set of SUVs.

Which ends up in the party room. Participate until Tim Hardaway Jr., With three three-pointers in a row and five total, the teams were established in total 122-84. The third biggest win in the final. Replenishment to bring the series back to the diphtheria garden with a bang on the table. There is still an end and Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks hold on to the miracle.

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