Luka Doncic and 15 MS on Slovenia’s pre-Olympic roster


Luka Doncic and 15 MS on Slovenia’s pre-Olympic roster

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EIn Slovenia these days they walk with a divided heart. On the one hand, it fills them with pride that their son, Luka Doncic, Near his first ring in the NBA, that he will fight for El in the finals. On the other hand they know that, every Ms game he plays with an SUV, is one less possibility So that he is with his chosen one in the pre-Olympic.

The big problem is that many finals are lengthy. If they reach the last match, Doncic will play on June 24 and start 2 Pre-Olympic, that is, almost no time to rest and join the invitation with his bass almost played the first match in Greece. In addition, Luka’s physical condition is of great concern in Slovenia And first of all the consequences that may have in view of their participation in the pre-Olympic, firstly, and in Pars if they achieve the ticket.

It seems obvious And in Slovenia it happens more than in any other team , this is a team with Doncic A very different one without L. In the first pre-list presented by the coach Alexander Sekulich, Led by a Mavs player, a return to the selection is appreciated Vlatko Kankar, Has already recovered from the injury that prevented him from playing the last World Cup and for which he also had to without playing with the Nuggets all season. With Cancar the fear is that I will not finally come because I have to fix He put him in the NBA and with the Colorado team he has the option to continue for another year with the Slovenian or leave him free.

He is also returning from a serious injury. Edo morich There are such players as Zoran Dragic , klimen pribilek or Mike Tobey Among the chosen ones. The full list of the shortlist by Slovenia is: Luka Doncic, klimen pryblik, Jaca Blazic, Zoran Dragic, Mike Tobey, Vlatko Kankar, Aleksey Nikolic, zija Dimic, Gregor Hrvat, Edo Moric, Miha Cervenik, Tibor mirtek, Luka skuka, Ben pryblik, Leon stergar, Jan span.

The sekulik team that will play the pre-Olympics in Piraeus, Greece, was included in the first group with Croatia and New Zealand. If they qualify among the first two groups of their group, then the pass to the matches with the first two groups of the other group will be played, namely Greece by Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dominican Republic by Karl Anthony cities and Egypt. Only one of these teams will go to Paris and be in the group along with Canada, Australia and the winner of the pre-Olympic Valencia.

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