Luis Fonsi brags in La Resistencia about his sexual activity on a cruise ship: “brutal”


Luis Fonsi brags in La Resistencia about his sexual activity on a cruise ship: “brutal”

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DAvid received a broncano last Thursday, June 13, the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, One of the most listened to artists worldwide and among their songs are, for example, Despacito. The ‘resistance’ guest is not only Talk about your heritage And how he does financially , but he revealed to him A sexual experience on a modern cruise.

First, Luis Fonsi in the classic questions indicated the funds that he currently has. “It’s terrible to talk about money“, Complains the singer, who initially had no intention of answering with a real truth. He also said that he had watched the show several times and “People are very liars“.

Movistar Plus+

Knowing that he would not make the artist give him a concrete figure, broncano chose to ask him to What percentage of your assets have grown In the last two years. “Like 20%,” says Luis Fonsi, who left the presenter speechless and got up to celebrate with a loud Bo with the whole audience of “resistance” and a cry “Viva Murcia!”.

How were Luis Fonsi’s sex holidays

After that, it’s time to talk about his sexuality, more specifically, the last 30 days. “I’ve been alone for eight days, so nacarel, There is nothing, ” Luis Fonsi continued in the Movistar Plus+space. As expected, broncano insisted and asked him to talk about the rest of the month , and it was ah when the singer recently revealed Sexual relations.

“Before that, very well,” he just said. This aroused the curiosity of David broncano, who wanted the guest to specify more details and details if it was very good for three weeks. Luis Fonsi’s response, this S, was direct: “brutal. I was on a sea vacation. Then…“, Puerto Ricans said while making gestures after really enjoying those days of interruption.

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