Luis Enrique: “on FA Gagner (we will win), it’s the only phrase I know how to say in French”


Luis Enrique: “on FA Gagner (we will win), it’s the only phrase I know how to say in French”

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Luis Enrique The press conference was given before tomorrow’s match against Dortmund starting at 21.00 at The garden of princes. The coach only thinks about going to the final, although he warns that you need to be prepared for everything without drama. The coach expects a stadium with an incredible atmosphere that will help from the stands to the return.

About what Marquinhos said about being ready for everything: “It’s a perfect mentality,” Marquinhos says, ” that it doesn’t affect you and that you are able to perform . We have been judging matches on our players all season from sporting injustice. I don’t know what the referee will whistle, don’t complain, compete all year round… The team will fight.”

The role of a hobby: “Tomorrow will be vital, as it has been for the whole season. It’s not something usual, the atmosphere in Dortmund was very nice and here I hope it will be the same.”

He was seen telling the group they were going to win: “It’s the only sentence I know in French. On FA Gagner (we will win), on FA Gagner, in my Asturian dialect.”

What Dortmund is waiting for: The match that will take place will depend on the result”. From here, we’ll see. The scoreboard indicates that we were eliminated, but the idea is to play the same way. It’s not going to change our mentality at all.”

How can one go about winning with two goals: “If you think about it, it’s far away. You don’t have to score two goals, you have to score one goal, two goals are scored in three seconds, but you can also suffer two goals. And that nothing happens to concede a goal as seen against Irma bar. I think it will be a match similar to the first leg.”

Analysis after the defeat in Dortmund: “It’s something I work on every day. Let them make this idea for you. There is always room for improvement and we have worked on it.”

What did I do to prepare for the match outside of work: “I am a fan of sports, cycling and our paddler is here. And at work we did defensive and offensive work. Today was more about relaxation and reflection. Tomorrow is the competition day.”

He’s two games away from making history: “The goal now is to reach the final and before that you have to be better than a great team like Dortmund.”

What can you do to give Mbapp opportunities more opportunities: “It’s a very basic idea for young people, we are all a team and everyone plays a musical instrument. Those at the top should help defend and those at the back should help lift the ball.”

Get more involved in the game: “This is very easy, Where are the spaces, if any. There are times when competitors lock themselves in and there are no distances. The better our players are, the more they participate, the better, but if they lock themselves in it’s complicated. I want the striker to touch the ball in the critical area. I know you are very eager to talk about mbabĂ©. If they are attackers they will not let him touch the ball at the penalty spot.”

PSG are favourites if they fail to get eliminated: “It’s a very Spanish question, negative. Life will continue on the same, the sun will come out, we will not fucking get up… If we do not pass, we will congratulate the opponent even if he does not deserve it.”

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