Lucas vezquez’s new boy against Bayern Munich


Lucas vezquez’s new boy against Bayern Munich

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Lucas Vazquez And 10 milliseconds before Bayern In Minish. With Carvajal Punished, 17 has his place in the eleven guaranteed as a right-back. A duel with L’s history The new Lucas I was born , specifically, against Bayern. He was in the 2018 semi-final against bvaros when Lucas the right-back They are starting to get stronger. After having to hold this position already on the way through Lesin de Carvajal, On the way back Zidane He also played with beginners. Neither Ashraf nor Nacho Nor any other experience, the Chosen One was Lucas Vazquez. Madrid qualified for the third Champions League final in a row, Lucas passed the test and Zidane I appreciate your valuable contribution to defense.

This one Madrid-Bayern It was his first big test of fire as the right-back he is today. He has made his moves before, but not to such a level of demand. Bentz I had already pulled in as a sideline for some emergency. The jug, Ah, you Eibar, sidez and Getafe At 15-16. The following season I returned to this position also occasionally to repair the defensive hole left by an injury Marcelo Before Malaga. On the last day of 19-20 it will be his last fleeting appearance in the side before it will be more serious.

Regenerated as a fullback

The 20-21 season was a turning point in Lucas ‘ Madrid career and in his final transformation as a right back. Injuries occurred this season with Carvajal and Zidane, With the very current memory of the wonderful performance of Luke Against Bayern Munich in 2018, I definitely bet on him in this situation. Luke He not only did not deliver, but he shone to such an extent that they received a replenishment… As a right back. Madrid, who did not have a clear continuity at first, saw in L the ideal alternative to Carvajal:a good, beautiful and cheap suite. He also played in the last three seasons 54 games as a right back It has received a new renovation as a square of Carvajal.

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