Ligue 1: Luis Enrique does not fear Paris Saint-Germain without Mbappe: “next year we will be better”


Ligue 1: Luis Enrique does not fear Paris Saint-Germain without Mbappe: “next year we will be better”

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EPreview of the match against Le Havre, Luis Enrique showed his satisfaction with sports dynamics That in the last few months he took PSG, that He could be a Ligue 1 player. This weekend the If he wins His party is from Spado.

The Spanish coach says that his team has gone from less to more due to following a logical process and that next year, despite the addition of Mbappe, PSG will be a more powerful team: “There was a new team, with a lot of new players. It’s a new cycle. Construction continues. I am convinced that we will be better next year. That’s the message I want to send to the players.”

Luis Enrique does not hide his happiness while they are passing by: “We came to the end of the season in very positive conditions. I have never thought of such a positive scenario. It’s a great moment, as all the players are available except Kimbembe and Sergio Rico. All players have opportunities to playEach of them has a lot of ambition. This end of the season is very motivating.”

One of the correct names for this PSG in the case of Grace is Osman dumbell , who easily sees the door In recent meetings. “High-level attackers are having very good times. Osman had scored only one goal before Barcelona, but he gave 10 assists and gave us a lot of differences. He lives his best moments in his relationship with the goal. His relationship with the target is due to his calmness At that time. He scores a lot in training. It’s a matter of calm,” the technician admitted about the former Irma bar player.

It is believed that it is not easy before Le Havre

With a win this weekend, Luis Enrique turns Paris Saint-Germain into the champion of the French Ligue 1, So the Asturian treats the match like the rest of the champion Franck’s matches: “every Paris Saint-Germain match this season represents an opportunity for the players . Continuing in the same way, why change? Le Havre is a team that needs points and there are no distances. If we win, we will be champions. It is an ideal place to enjoy the game at home.”

After the match against Lorient merkols, Luis Enrique approached Colo Moani, A scene that the coach claimed was necessary to raise a football player who is not at his best: “He is a great player, but at a time he does not have 100% confidence. He has an incredible working ability, I gave him Nemo. I can only support players when they are not feeling well. My job is to make sure the players are doing a good job. I am very happy with Kolo Moani’s statistics, but when he regains his confidence he will be even better.”.

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