Liga: the Campeonato deserves to be able to win the title in the center


Liga: the Campeonato deserves to be able to win the title in the center

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Real Madrid This weekend will be his The first “match ball” For the league title he dominated practically from start to finish. White people play At home against cedis. There is no better climax before the decisive second leg in the Champions League against Bayern. But, Inexplicably, even if he wins his match, he will not be able to sing alerne with the final whistle. To be able to be a mathematician

They are camping you, besides,

You will have to wait two hours to find out if Barcelona will play in Girona

. Then S, he will reach 36.
Here’s what

It makes no sense

. A league that still boasts of being the best in the world, which prides itself on scene preference, cannot allow predetermined schedules to spoil everything.

Kampen deserves to be able to have a chance to celebrate it on speed

And not in locker rooms-or even at home-with the TV set waiting to see if his next rival clicks. And it’s not good for me to give examples of other leagues – we are getting to know each other, sir Tebas -, as if I had already moved to Leicester and so and so. Even the prime minister can do the wrong things.

The most logical thing is that, at least, the Madrid-Sidis schedule will be postponed for two hours

. Instead of playing at 16.15, he does it at 18.30 like Barcelona. Certainly no Madrid fan-and cadesta-is upset by the change. And least of all, on Saturday in the afternoon.

In this way, even,

Some excitement will be given to the doomed League

, With

Two simultaneous meetings

Where what happens in one area affects the other. With televisions-and radios-communication is in one area and another.

As it happens on the last day

With matches with nothing at stake. Like all life.

10 days ago the schedule was adjusted and until the day of Real Sociedad-Real Madrid

So Los Blancos get more rest to prepare for the first leg of the semifinals against Bayern, which forced to move other matches.

In this case it is for a more important reason. And the simplest: to delay one match for two hours. One of the future campers

. For her sake. And for one in the Liga.

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