Liga: First Division calculator: what teams need to get to Europe or save themselves from relegation


Liga: First Division calculator: what teams need to get to Europe or save themselves from relegation

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Real Madrid is already campin, But do not slow down the pace. He beat Granada with a score of 0-4 despite multiple turnovers involving Carlo Ancelotti in the eleven. Granada made its way to the White team, but then I didn’t compete during the 90 minutes of the match. The Nazar team was already a second-tier team before the start of the match after Mallorca’s victory over Las Palmas.

The round of 35 started on Friday in mendizorosa with a draw with Aves against Girona. As a result, the second place of the whole Catalan is left in the air. Jordi’s goal in the 99th set off madness in Vitoria.

Title decided and fight for the Super Cup

In the calculations of the second place, which gives the option to play the Spanish Super Cup, Girona gets two points above Barcelona and with Gul-medium Cattle. However, Michel’s team has one more match, so if Barcelona beats Real Sociedad next Monday, it will overtake Girona in the table.

Champions League: Two teams in one place

Atletico (67) and Athlete (62) they are competing for another Champions League place. The Jolla is equated to a certain average. That Valverde pierced Spado in San Mames in a duel against Osasuna. They can only score one point and thank you. Villalibre scored the equalizer in the last minute of the match making the Champions League goal very difficult, especially if Atletico manage to beat Celta de Vigo on Sunday at the Metropolitano.

Sixth and fifth place

El Betis, Septimo rated, Took a giant step in the last round by beating Osasuna two points ahead of sixth-placed Real Sociedad. The exact opposite has been done by Valencia, With his defeat at home, he sees how Europe is moving away. Villarreal managed to win their match against Sevilla thanks to two goals from Sorloth, although their chances of getting into sixth place are very low.

Two landed

Almira and Granada are already Second Division teams. The third landing place is still open, although there is an increasingly obvious candidate to fill it. The Kdez He will come down right now. Mallorca, by beating Las Palmas, took a giant step towards achieving permanence.

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