Le Normand, the first from Atletico… But not at any cost


Le Normand, the first from Atletico… But not at any cost

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“If Norman be the first”, Slipped from Atletico A vision of the near future that is central Real Sociedad I might end up wearing red and white. The adelant brand is exclusively on March 4th That the Spanish international was one of the big targets for the upcoming season. He said and did as evidenced by the negotiations that have already taken place between the two clubs.

But There’s a long way to go, They insist on the athlete. They made it clear in the letters that it is the most advanced and obvious name for those who are associated with the rugiblancos in the intense month of May in the movements… But much more in Agents are interested in connecting their players for an increased quote. Or, as in the case of Laporte, Offers in search of saldas from their current clubs.

First on the list

Be that as it may, they realize from the Metropolitano that the signature is destined , if it becomes tangible , to be The first one of the summer Where at least two full-backs, a midfielder and an attacker will arrive. This , at least taking into account the number of players who have open doors and who will be replaced if they finally leave. There, at the casting of a dozen names, Robin is the first to DA today..

The player’s readiness to go to the athlete

And this is the first for several factors , among which the choice of Continue playing in the Liga, At a club that is always present in the Champions League and where the competitive Leap is clearly commensurate with international ideals after the triumphant journey of Real Sociedad that prompted him to play and have a start with The red We are looking forward to the next European Cup. One intention, namely to join the Rojiblancos, which is fundamental to think about a happy end to the agreement.

Goal by Le Normand (0-1) in RB Leipzig 2-2 Real Sociedad

Conversations for a long time

In any case, talks have already begun between the two clubs. That means, Olabi – Realistic sports director-received a call from Berta (Not last week, s in advance) to find out the availability of red and white to reach an agreement. In addition to sports managers there is a great relationship between Miguel Angel Gil and Joaquin abiribay, The leaders of both parties will be able to make the agreement more feasible.

Show… Far from 50 million

The Atletico show, this s…, It’s far from 50 million player termination clauses. The figure that the whole of Madrid will not reach will not even approach. About The 30 kilos There may be an attempt to get a quoted player and with a large market, something they know in Metropolitano because they follow the central position, which is already for several seasons.

Do not enter into auctions

They will not, in any case, get into a tug of war. There will be no doubt from Atletico, whose idea is to make an official offer and not to move from there although the reality, as is logical, is to demand as much as possible from one of its corners in his victorious last years. There will be, as it happens, an auction of Le Normand.

Le Normand: “I want to be a football player and give everything to achieve it”

Javi Gal the option to cut prices

There is an option to reduce the price with players who are part of the athletes. One , logically, is Javi Gal On loan since January. The scenario can fit and even the appearance of some other red and white that can suit the needs of realists. The operation can also be carried out without the entry of the former Celta or any other player.

The Prime Minister’s threat

All this without counting Possible appearance for the Premier League team Let it happen between Atletico and Real Sociedad. Le Normand is a sought-after football player, and the European Championship is an ideal offer for the strong English pound to get where Atletico does not want because of its financial strength which, in other cases, has already worked on progress when signing players in Liga clubs.

If a real person asks a lot to go to others

And they insist from the Madrid team that, despite the interest in blue Normand, there is no madness for the player. They will not pay 50 kilograms, and if a real person gets stuck with this amount, they will go to another center from the list that they have been managing for months. That means, Lou Norman is the first… But not at any cost.

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