Laura escanes speaks frankly in “La Resistencia” about her sexuality:”I’m not flirting to be known”


Laura escanes speaks frankly in “La Resistencia” about her sexuality:”I’m not flirting to be known”

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TLong time head without stepping on Blatt of ‘resistance’, Laura escanes I’m revisiting the Movistar Plus+ program and, again, faced with the classic questions of David broncano. The influencer came to the rag in both cases, despite the fact that she twice tried to avoid all of her money Sexual relations in the last 30 days.

First of all the presenter wants me to talk about the survey of conto Dinero Tina Laura and recognition A dead end that I have currently left. “Don’t be distracted by things,” broncano asked, sensing that the Catalan would try not to give any concrete data about her earnings.

Without going any further, the creator asked about other influencers who had gone through resistance. Broncano recalled that Violetta said that she had about a million euros. “He has the lady,” confirms Laura escanes. “Are you going to choose not to tell you but to cut others?”, Jokingly asked the presenter. Finally, the Catalan ended up revealing that she has almost two million euros of heritage.

Laura escanes ‘ sex life and her problems with flirting

After that, it’s time to talk about sexual relations in the last 30 days. “That didn’t come,” was the laconic reply from Laura escanes, who ended up giving her opinion on the matter: “It was less when he was single than when he was in a couple”. “I swear, I don’t flirt while I’m being known,” Addy.

The influencer regrets having to monitor who she is talking to, how, or hopes that no one will find out about her. “I can’t go to the balcony, they take a picture of me and he is already my boyfriend,” she complains. Ace, broncano He wanted to know how to solve these problems. “He put pillows next to me, “revealed the survey, which indicated that she was” calm ” on the sexual plane. In the end, he said that his grades this month were “three”, hinting that this was mainly due to masturbation.

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