Las Palmas: Peroni: “when I arrived in the city, I talked with Guardiola about life”


Las Palmas: Peroni: “when I arrived in the city, I talked with Guardiola about life”

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Maximo Peroni (Buenos Aires, Argentina , 2003) You know how they spend it on European football. After leaving Feliz Sarsfield’s in January 2023 for Manchester City, the Argentine midfielder has been important this season on loan to Las Palmas. “In the Premier League I barely had time to adapt and he is in the Liga. It goes a lot with my game, I enjoy it a lot and I hope to continue to amass it, ” the Argentine confesses on his visit to Marca where he orders, going through, all his answers. The city is waiting for you.

Ask your question. In August he arrived on loan for a team like Las Palmas, with Garca Pimenta as a coach playing football. Was this the key for him to take this step in his career?

The answer. Without a doubt. When I was told that this option exists, I thought in analysis :’ this team is walking with me’. Fortunately, I’m not mistaken.

Q: he has played a lot (29 league games) this season. What balance will you make on both positive and negative?

R. On the positive side, growth. I was looking forward to the performance of my first season in Europe and I think it was very good. I’ve played about 30 games and most of the starts. I knew that I would come and not be there right away, that I had to fight, and in the end, I managed to play a lot. I’ll take that.

S. You had Garca Pimenta as your coach, a technician with a similar scenario to Guardiola. What importance do you give to the development of football?

R. A lot. Few coaches would have given confidence to a 20-year-old player in such a difficult situation as the pivot. I am also very grateful to him for the minutes and for helping me grow.

S. What happened to Las Palmas at the end of the season to go from fighting for Europe to saving themselves in the penultimate round?

R. It’s getting more complicated for us. Pagan is obvious, isn’t he? We can’t deny that. Chu BA I think is something that we will never know. We can all have an idea about it. It could have been a lack of experience or, perhaps, having thought that we were saved ahead of time, which was not the case… As in the end it cost us.

Permanence? It’s getting more complicated for us. Pagan is obvious, isn’t he? We can’t deny that. Wha… I think it’s something you’ll never know

Maximo Peroni, Las Palmas player

However, in recent matches, we raised the level again as we saw that it became complicated for us. The team needed this motivation, which it lost, and when the situation became difficult, we returned to being ourselves. But the real why we will never know.

Q: I have been on the orders of Garka Pimenta for a whole year. Do you see him ready to make the leap to the ‘ big one ‘(he just signed for Sevilla)?

R. Without a doubt. He spent two and a half years in Las Palmas and there is no season in which he did not achieve the goal that he set out to achieve. If he continues to go like this, I don’t think he will have a roof over his head.

Q: let’s change the third. He returned to Manchester City after this year of loan at Las Palmas. There was already last year when they won the treble (Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League). How is the work done under Pep Guardiola’s orders?

R. There are no details left without covering them. For some reason city is the team he is and he plays the way he plays. We all know that he is the best coach in the world and he makes his team play that way.

S. What did you say to him when I signed for City?

R. When I arrived he greeted me and we had a conversation. The fact is that we talked more about life, adaptation, and she wanted me to learn the language, get a home, feel comfortable… We talk about life more than football.

Q: besides, Pep was also a midfielder like you…

R. S. They told me that he was a great player, he is also a pivot with a very good foot.

Q: in the city I coincided with another broker like Rhodri. Did he give you any advice?

R. Vindul learns in training, in matches… There is no doubt that it is the best hub in the world. I had a lot of dealings with L.He’s a wonderful person.

S. Who surprised you Mrs. Del City?

R. Rodrigo and Bernardo Silva.

S. There are also Halland, Voden…

R. If we start one by one in the city, then nothing is excluded. They all have cracks. It’s amazing to watch them train and play. They are competitive animals that love to win and are constantly improving. That’s why they are where they are.

S. Return to the city. What are your plans?

R. We have come to an agreement that there will be a Mrs. mission.

S. And within this range of options, which will be your priority?

R. I think that to continue adapting, another year in La Liga will be the best.

S. In Las Palmas?

R. I think we should look at the options. It’s too early yet. You need to take it easy and choose the best option.

B appeared. Mascherano debuted with Argentina U-20 and the Paris Olympics are coming. Have you talked to him about this option?

R. Recently I have not been with the Olympic selection. Obviously, one is always available. It’s the biggest thing for anyone. I didn’t talk to Mascherano but kept working.

S. What do you think you need to improve in the game?

R. When I arrived in Europe I slept a lot physically. I gained 5 kilograms. In football, I grew defensively because of the role I had to play. I think the media, nowadays, is more complete , they have to do everything. In fact, if you look at Rodrigo, he also has a goal. Every time you have to be more complete.

Q: he is 21 years old and his whole career is ahead of him but… Where do Perun’s dreams refer to?

R. We Argentines get to know the national team a lot and anything that means fighting to be there will be the maximum.

S. It would be nice to play with Messi, wouldn’t it?

R. Buttonhole

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