Lamin Yamal: “as soon as I leave the defender the first time I see him scared”


Lamin Yamal: “as soon as I leave the defender the first time I see him scared”

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Lamin Yamal became the most feared player by competitors in this European Cup. The young Spaniard showed his self-confidence in ‘El Partidazo’ from the Cup Series.

Being younger than your debut at a European Championship, does it cool you down or scare you a little?: “No, in the end it’s millisecond data. It doesn’t scare me, I’m playing the same thing. I try to focus on playing well and I think in the end it only helps me because when I do something well, obviously it will swell depending on my age. I think it just helps me.”

When you receive a Ballen have you already thought about what you are going to do?“No, the one I take the ball from, if I see that I’m one-on-one, I always go to the side because in the end it’s a very psychological game because the one I go to once I’m already more scared and I improvise everything that comes out.”

From the elderly, who does not get along with the best?“With Morata, with Morata I get along very well. He gave me a lot of advice before the matches and I get along well with L.”

In Spain, the embrace of Carvajal has been highlighted a lot: “In the end, I understand that people think that if one plays for Real Madrid and the other for Barcelona, we will fight, but obviously we get along very well.”

What did you know about the applause at the Bernabeu after the Spain-Brazil match in March?“I’m very happy because in the end a stadium like the Bernabeu applauds you, especially with the national team, it’s a lot of happiness and it was a dream to be hailed as having played a match for the national team.”

Are Xavi and Luis de la Fuente too different?“Not with me, but the coaches’ playing style is completely different. They try to bring you different things. Xavi was sharper, Luis de la Fuente gave me more conversations and he is calmer.”

Has the flick not been submitted yet?: “S , S. I spoke to El before the game. He told me good luck, that he was looking forward to the start of the season and I told him the same thing.”

Are you missing something about not knowing?“I always tell my mother that what I miss the most is having a drink on the balcony in the afternoon without anyone telling you anything. Or for example going shopping or taking my brother to school, because it all confuses me a little.”

The Helena Condes test

Defend yourself with one word:”Contented

If you are not a football player, you want to be:”Streamer

You can’t live without:”Mom

The best advice I’ve ever had:”Have fun and be yourself

The most expensive thing I bought after the renovation: “A trip for M and my friends

Time of using a mobile phone on IG and on TikTok:”Not so much now , but maybe because of the series I watch because of 4 or 5 hours

Nico says she dances better than t, do you agree?: “You have to tell him that sometimes he doesn’t even talk much

What is more difficult in quarter-time kills than Esso or to celebrate it to Real Madrid: “His sign for Real Madrid

The singer you are listening to: “Murad

The football player with whom you would like to play with some DA: “Neymar

To whom the goals are dedicated: “To mom

And what if I won this European Championship: “Going to see mom

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