Keeping the style , there is no need to order the lady


Keeping the style , there is no need to order the lady

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The European Cup match has arrived. Everything that comes from behind, is by many. If the football community agrees that Spain is the best team in the tournament, The second place can be awarded to Germany. Very flamenco start against Scotland, then traz A downward curve, I suffered against Switzerland , with a last-minute draw, and came back to the fore To Denmark, in the Eighties. His game

It is not defined as a single in Spain. He has a very Bayern Munich stage, very

This makes it a potentially dangerous option.

ESPA spent no more fatigue than the minutes he was late on the scoreboard. And it was solved well. The rest were

Joyful football, played well , at a different pace

To the rest.

To be sincere

That is why it is necessary to maintain style.

In Word and deed

. Of course, with alignments are not subject to differences, but also stick to

The character shown by the team

As far as we can see, it seems that our great values,

Nico and Lamine, immune to what surrounds the match

. They accepted their role as bad boys just as Rhodri and other veterans accepted

Take care of this choice or source its silent leadership

. We are having a great time with this team. And there is no reason to think that we will stop doing this.

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