Karanka and the first Madrid-Dortmund: “I still remember Miguel ermengele’s cry when the goal fell”


Karanka and the first Madrid-Dortmund: “I still remember Miguel ermengele’s cry when the goal fell”

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Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will participate in the fifteenth match in their history at Wembley. The first one is unforgettable. Los Blancos defeated ‘ PvP ‘ (2-0), Then the champion, in the first semi-final match… A meeting on the way to the long-awaited Seventh European Cup Which, however, has been dropped in the annals as a ‘target game’.

The day the goal fell at the Santiago Bernabeu

It happened on April 1, 1998. There were 15 minutes from the end of the match to start When several Super-South, Hanging from the fence, They accidentally dropped the target. Uncertainty and stress Santiago took over the Bernabeu During the hour and quarter That the start was delayed.

Aitor Karanka, at that time on vacation due to pericarditis, lived with her on site. “We were in the penalty area, in the corner where the goal fell. We were young and didn’t know what had just happened. We almost laughed. However, I remember the scream that hit the late Michelangelo, He was in charge of the Sports City. We look at each other like thinking ,’what’s wrong’?”, Remember on the brand.

Karanka: “I still remember Michelangelo’s cry when the target fell”

“Suddenly he told us that there was no reserve goal and that’s when we all got scared. There was uncertainty on the pitch, but we, being in the penalty area, We knew the minute and the result of what was happening with the goal by Miguel ermengel. There was a lucky point because an exhibition was being held in the Sports City and there was a truck to bring it because, normally, there was nothing. I remember how he entered the field. It was the biggest cheer of the night.”, The former Madridista continues.

However, Karanka at no time feared the suspension of the match and the consequences, including disqualification, that this may entail by UEFA: “We went to the dressing room and the referee (Mario Van der Ende) gave us peace of mind. At all times keep the will that the match will take place.”

Madrid finally won 2-0 thanks to the goals of Morientes and carimbo although, contrary to what is happening now, they were not the favorites. Far from it. “Borussia Dortmund were European champions and we weren’t doing well in the league. They thought they were superior, But the Bernabeu, even the whole bottom was standing, took us by storm. It was amazing, and even more so, after all that happened.”, Insists the former Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, Birmingham and Maccabi Tel Aviv coach, among others.

The second leg, which ended with a score of 0-0, remains in memory like a” round-robin match”: “that same memory is the one we all have. At that time, Jupp (Heynckes) was criticized a lot for leaving Fernando alone and for putting Seedorf next to him. Redondo ate the midfielders and the whole of Dortmund. It was amazing. We saw Fernando and knew that it was impossible for them to score a goal for us.”

In the second leg, Redondo ate the midfielders and the entire Dortmund

Aitor Karanka

At Wembley as UEFA technical observer

Aitor Karanka is “waiting for presentations” as he finishes outlining the contours of the first international conference on the law of football and sports, which will be held On June 7 and 8 in Granada. This will not prevent him from accompanying Madrid to the Champions League final as a UEFA technical observer. “We have to be neutral when choosing the ‘player of the match'”, He comments while giving a slight smile.

It will be a completely different match from the one that was in 1998: “I see the final as good for Madrid for several reasons. Firstly, because he has not lost the final for a long time ; secondly, because I think he has a better team than Borussia Dortmund ; thirdly, because he has more experience, But, there is always a but… I’ve been lucky enough to analyze ‘ BVB ‘ a lot this season , and it can’t be underestimated. Atletico, for example, had to make 3 and 4-0 at the Metropolitano, they came out alive and in the second leg they returned to the knockout stage.”

Karanka: “Madrid should not underestimate Borussia Dortmund”

Then ” AK ” lists the virtues of Dortmund: “They mix up a lot of resources. They always intend to go out to play from the back, But when they feel the pressure they can play directly towards everlkrog. You see Hamels behind him, the quality he has, how he leads and injures his teammates; the wing (Ryerson and Matsen) rises a lot; and at the top they have a lot of quality with the brand, Ademi, Sancho… At the top you should be careful with the minuses because the line of midfielders, besides being skillful, is very fast.”

Madrid will have to be careful with the minuses because the line of midfielders, in addition to being skillful , is very fast

Aitor Karanka

Leave, finally, one last tip in the ‘White Key’: “If Madrid is Madrid and puts the ball firmly, it could affect Dortmund. Even more being definitive And they are not concluded as they are at their stadium, which is impressive.”

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