Julio Salinas :” is Morata bad? Well, all the teams that signed him should be assholes.”


Julio Salinas :” is Morata bad? Well, all the teams that signed him should be assholes.”

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Julio Salinas He was the protagonist of the tuning of Radio Marca in the run-up to the match that puts the Spanish national team against Italy. The team led by Luis de la Fuente will try to break the existing equality between the two combined in clashes in The last 4 eurocups.

In memory of all football fans of the 90’s is the occasion when Julio had the opportunity to score a goal for a team that was at that time leading Roberto Baggio or Viale.

From that match also remained in the memory Tassotti’s attachment to Luis Enrique This represents a whole generation. “It was the worst day of my sports career. I remember being in a sunken locker room and Clement being the one who came to console me. I had a really bad time and I felt sorry for that group because we had a great team.

Defensor ultranza Di Murata

Now, the national team has an attacking position that has been compared to a person who was a Barcelona player or a sports club. In fact, Javier Clemente was very clear on Marca Radio about which player he would stay with if he was chosen between one and the other: “with Salinas, of course. As for the captain of our national team, the Basque has only words of praise: “he is a great player. What do they say is bad? Well, whoever signed it must be a fool,” he said on good night and good goals.

I understand Morata. I suffered a lot for my mother

Julio Salinas, former national team player

On the other hand, he did not hesitate to put himself in the place of Morata, who understands and understands perfectly. “I completely understand what is happening. I suffered a lot for my mother. I didn’t care a bit…”, Admitted the legendary player of the Spanish national team. Namely, Morata revealed at Marca that he did not want his children to go to the match for fear that they would say something to them.

And this is For him there is nothing else how Morata“I always defended him because I think there is no other Spanish striker like him,” he added about a football player who already knows what it’s like to score for the Italian national team in the last match.

Julio Salinas on Radio Marca: “is Morata bad? Those who signed it should be assholes.”Radio Marka

He also wanted to remember Luis de la Fuente, with whom he shared a team at Athletic in a team that won two championships in a row: “he is a great coach. He is a personal friend and I wish him the best. I am convinced that things will go well against Italy.”

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