Juan del Val defends Ayuso and Milly’s “provocation”: “unpresentable , but it’s okay”


Juan del Val defends Ayuso and Milly’s “provocation”: “unpresentable , but it’s okay”

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EIn the last broadcast of the program ‘The Anthill‘On Antena 3, Juan del Val He pronounces on Prize awarded President of the community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso To the Argentine President Javier Melli, Defending the provocative style of both politicians. All this happened during the discussion table that usually takes place in the program presented by Pablo Motos.

From Val , although he described Millie as”Unpresentable“, Sobriety that Ayuso has the right to give due to his position as president of Argentina. This decoration has caused Disputes, With criticism about the political use of the award and the invitation of controversial figures.

“If there’s something provocative about Ayuso, it’s probably because Since he woke up he’s a provocation, that’s good“, He commented Juan del Val About iyosu receive Mili.

Juan del Valle defends "Provokachi

Double standards in criticism of public figures

The collaborator also pointed out the contradiction in Ayuso’s criticism of Mili’s reward, while tolerating The presence of other controversial leaders Without getting the same level of rejection. Del Val emphasizes that the varied reaction depends on the context and diplomatic relations, thus questioning the consistency in criticizing controversial public figures.

Reviews of Christina Pardo and Nuria Roca

During the program, Cristina Pardo and Nuria Roca They expressed Rejection With regard to the decision Ayuso. Both questioned Milly’s merits in receiving the Medal of the community of Madrid and highlighted Ayuso’s provocative character. “Decorated with a medal of the community of Madrid, in the name of all madrilos, To the person who insults the head of government. In addition, I have the conviction that if Millie got along with Sanchez she would not give him,” commented Cristina Pardo.

On the same line as the presenter ‘Mrs. valetard‘, Also talk about that Nuria Roca Saying the following:”But what did Milly do to get the community of Madrid medal?“. Criticism has focused on the perception that Ayuso is using his position for political purposes, inviting political figures to attract media attention.

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