Jamie Carragher: football star drunk after drinking 8 pints of beer interview: Luis Enrique ‘ran away’


Jamie Carragher: football star drunk after drinking 8 pints of beer interview: Luis Enrique ‘ran away’

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Jamie Carragher, Legendary former football player Liverpool Who now triumphs as a TV reporter, has been accused in England of giving drunken interviews Jadon Sancho After the Champions League match that Borussia Dortmund won 1-0 at Paris Saint-Germain From Luis Enrique And Kylian Mbappe.

This was Jamie Carragher’s “drunk interview” with Jadon Sancho

The ‘Daily Mail’ He describes a conversation Carragher had with which he was accompanied by Peter Schmeichel, With Sancho on CBS such as “The interview is drunk”.

The former Liverpool man, wearing a Dortmund scarf, did much of the interview by wrapping his arm around Sancho, leaving the CBS Studio bursting into laughter.

Owners Micah Richards, Thierry Henry And Kate Abdo He joked about the ” drunken interview.”

Are you sober enough to do this, Jamie?

Kate Abdo

“Are you sober enough to do this, Jimmy?”, Kate Abdo came to ask.

This might explain why I might be slurring my words, because I’ve had about eight pints at the Yellow Wall

Jamie Carragher

“You know that’s actually a good point. I didn’t eat much. I had a cheeseburger about the last half. That might explain why I might be anointing my words , because I had about eight pints in the Yellow Wall. I have a new family, family and friends (Dortmund fans). “We all take care of each other,”Carragher replied.

Jamie Carragher is embedded in Dortmund’s Yellow Wall

Carragher watched the semi-final embedded in the yellow wall of Signal Iduna Park, And recorded singing and dancing along with Borussia Dortmund fans.

Jamie Carragher sneaks into the yellow wall of Dortmund… And does beer take its toll on you?

Luis Enrique refused to talk to Jamie Carragher

Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Enrique refused to chat with Jamie Carragher as the former England footballer wore a Borussia Dortmund scarf.

Peter Schmeichel reported that Luis Enrique came, said “hello” and then left because Jamie Carragher was wearing a Dortmund scarf.

“When we talked to Jadon Sancho, the Dortmund press officer got angry with us because he was not on the list. We were so naughty. “I hope it will be good content,”Schmeichel said.

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