Is there a solution for Aston Martin?


Is there a solution for Aston Martin?

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Aston Martin, As they insisted Mike crack , Dan Fallows and Fernando Alonso, He is trying to change his evolution calendar. They have tried Merge new parts almost every race, Instead of bundling them into two large packages, as they did in 2023.

In Japan They had a number of new parts , with A small redesign of the floor and sides From the car. There they were Mercedes accepted one from McLaren (Biaseri). Then, in China, The rain gave Fernando the opportunity to For the third exit On Sunday, thanks to the tire qualifying, but the pace of the car was insufficient to fight for the podium.

And in Miami, he got a second kit with less aggressive ailerons, a touch on the rear suspension and a monofilament for the rear wing, which could not improve Fernando’s expectations, which included that “This is one of the worst circuits of the year for us.” Saturday was 15 in qualifying , the strong point of the car this year And on Sunday he returned to 9, Without being able to extract anything else from that car and nailing his station under a virtual safety car, saving him 8 seconds compared to most of his competitors.

Arrival in Europe

The next stop is Emilia-Romagna , on such a traditional route as Imola, Where it is expected The great evolution of Ferrari and perhaps the greatest so far for Aston. This date may represent a little bit towards where the season will break, if what McLaren has achieved with their significant improvement is a realityI am Amro 24 can react to his worst half The season so far. The green car is getting better, “But the rest have improved a lot this year.”, Fernando pointed out in Bahrain. The starting point was not the same as with the age of 23, The second car behind Red Bull, which should be moved to this year.

Upon leaving Miami, Fernando had a message of hope for Aston Martin fans, who are always clear and optimistic about what will come at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit. “I’m not proud of my leadership this weekend, as I couldn’t do a good time. We also did not find settings for Getting into that window where the car looks really good. There is that To improve at Imola, starting from my side and keep pushing”, This is stated in the video of the official Aston Martin account.

“We have to take a step forward, everyone takes it and We have some improvement at Imola, and hopefully it will put us close to Mercedes again.”, Admitted to DAZN Formula 1 after the race.

Apart from Monaco, Which is the website that with the specifications of the beginning of the season He could be a candidate for the pole , the rest of the year is uncertain For those at Silverstone. They are still missing The main tools in the new factory Or tech campus, as they like to call it, the new Wind tunnel, That will be ready for 2025 and may be the key to the 2026 car.

It’s funny , because The rear is very similar to the rear of the Mercedes, with an engine, a self-supporting gearbox and a push rod type suspension (push rods) very similar to that of the W15, Another car that does not find the rhythm in the race, does not bother with tires and costs the world to overtake its competitors due to the lack of maximum speed. Aston is still working in the Mercedes tunnel on a rental basis and is not finding the progress he wants in the new parts, Nor are they from Toto Wolf, who had quite a few new pieces in Miami. But McLaren , with identical elements if you find effective solutions and improvements.

It has been completed Championship quarter and it’s still too early to tell if it will be a transition year for Aston Martin. We have to wait for the European classics, such as Barcelona, Austria, Silverstone or Hungary to see if they are able to find their way, as McLaren does in each of its developments. In Formula 1, small details can make finding a good line and earn a lot of time, and many ineffective parts hinder and mislead instead of helping.

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