If it is not July 14, 2024, then it will be July 19, 2026


If it is not July 14, 2024, then it will be July 19, 2026

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It is likely that Spain Do not win the European Cup, because winning is very difficult and even more so if you have to face the host, but there is no better team than Spain. Don’t be afraid to say that. No one is even approaching what the national team showed in these first four matches of the tournament. Spain is playing well, beautifully, competing, having fun. Luis de la Fuente’s team acts as a replay


In the light of any choice. It should be celebrated. And, of course, getting excited about a team without making noise will give us a lot of joy. On Friday, of course, they can arrive

Havertz, Kross, musiala , Gundogan, Saint-AU-velcrog

And we were sent home, because they are great, but as a team they are no better than Spain. Not by a long shot. And individually… Not either.

From the source

He made a group of very young players without much experience become insects that scare anyone. About

Lamin Yamal

, With 16 years, is the history of Spanish football.


He is the best winger of the European Championship and a football player that they will put a lot of money for this summer. Let the sports team prepare because they will suffer a lot to keep it. But Spain is not only extreme. They are two left-backs who sow the seed every time they catch the ball, Carvajal who is the best in the world in his position, it is Rodrigo who will take the cross stick as a legend and Fabien claims himself as a super footballer who has not been given value in our country. And above all, ESPA from the source, a coach who made every team he manages and does with this generation of football players, being different, not far from those that made us champions in 2008, 2010 and 2012. And maybe we will not be champions in this European Championship, because he can only win, but if not now, it will be in 2026, when those children who in some cases will have to be at school will gain the necessary maturity to face situations that limit the living of choice from Friday.

Remember, at six o’clock in the afternoon, a game of those that make you nervous by two days.

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