Honda: they put up for sale Honda NSX from Ayrton Senna for 585,000 euros


Honda: they put up for sale Honda NSX from Ayrton Senna for 585,000 euros

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LIn a photo Ayrton Senna, From the fateful death in Imola circuit This is the fulfillment May 1st 30th anniversary, Always be connected Honda. Firstly, because in the retina of seasoned fans of Formula 1 he is reminded above all of the controls of several McLaren Powered by the engines of this brand. And secondly, because the great Brazilian driver Associated his image with his sports image NSX.

The car dealer.

The Honda It was a model with which the Japanese brand plans to live up to Ferrari and Porsche As for street sports. He had Aluminum monocoque body and titanium connecting rods, And provide a performance 290 hp That at that young time (late 80’s) was amazing.

Decisive meeting

One da, those responsible for the development of this model were in Suzuka, Where Ayrton Senna was also training with his car, he was asked Will test the car To give them their opinion. To the Brazilian I didn’t convince him Not at all , as they made The chassis is 50% more rigid, And months later, in subsequent tests, I suggested that they make changes to Direction And in the moron of Damping.

Ayrton Senna presses Honda to nix driving with assholes

With these changes made, NSX is already immortalized in a final version in glorious Video with a camera inside the car In which we see Senna Riding in assholes and white stockings. I have a little style when dressed , of course , but Workout lesson That you give us quid-Ah forever.

Riding with moccasins

Also thank you for the valuable cooperation I received Three units of NSX, One in red, two in black. The unit was seen in red with Mrs. Cena because this is the one she’s showing up with in Documentary Which he recorded a few years before his death.

The car dealer.

Now it is this red-colored unit that He went on sale. Owner, Robert mcfagan, He lives in the UK and it was he himself who brought the car 2013 from Portugal, Where Senna had it. “Being a big fan of Senna myself, I was Glad when I was able to get my hands on the nxxx, Which has been manufactured to perfection and is an elegant and powerful machine for delivering An incredible experience On the road, ” said mcfagan.

But the British Selling the car Taking advantage of the date of Senna’s disappearance and that’s why it was announced on the British car portal Car dealer. The car, from 1991, She now has 63,000 km And his owner asks about L Half a million pounds (585,000 euros). No milliseconds , no less. And it is very likely that someone will end up paying for it.

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