Hermegueiro: Ana Mina recalls the romantic weekend that her boyfriend prepared for her and it ended in disaster: “I messed up the bed!”


Hermegueiro: Ana Mina recalls the romantic weekend that her boyfriend prepared for her and it ended in disaster: “I messed up the bed!”

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LMusic was the protagonist again this Tuesday at ‘Ant hill’. If the program is on Monday Pablo Motos I was talking to the singer KaliOn this Tuesday’s show, talk to him: Anna Mina, Who presented her new song, in collaboration with the Puerto Rican artist Gail It is titled ‘Cause’.

Pablo Motos has pointed out that ‘La Razon’ is about ‘red flags’, those signals that can indicate that a contest person does not fit one. The ‘El hermiguerro’ host started the interview by asking Ana MENA what her ‘red flags’ would be on a first date with a man. “He talks a lot about his ex, that he doesn’t have a very good relationship with his family, that Instagram is full of girls that he follows, that he looks at the phone a lot, he talks badly to the staff that attends him… Well, that’s what this song is about. This song talks about that even though you don’t stop watching the ‘red flags’ that you say , ‘she’s not here because I’m going to do Dao’, you keep going to the wall even though you know you’re going to get a massive fucking Because you think you’re going to change it but people don’t change, ” stressed the Andalusian, who admitted that “Impossible love has a certain mystery and catches a little“.

After a break for advertising and after watching the music video for’ La Razin’, where gil comes dressed as an angel and Anna Mina as a demon. “I want to try to be bad for once in my life, I want to change roles“, Highlighted La malaguia when Pablo Motos wanted to know the reason as it seems. In the video, they both come out ignoring the boys. “Everything that we want to do figuratively in the video clip is as if it were Tinder, but in the final verdict. Therefore, depending on what they have done in their lives, the two of us, namely the angel and the devil, decide whether they are going to heaven or going to hell“, As the model and actress explained.

Those from Estepona are still immersed in the ‘pelodrama tour’, which will end on December 22 at the WiZink Center in Madrid. “We are preparing it in a very special way Because it’s a big ‘melodrama’, it’s the end of this tour, of this album, And there will be a lot of surprises , a lot of changes in the offer , but for the better“Said Anna Mina, who recalled that the first time she sang at the WiZink Center, she felt so nervous that a boil popped out in one eye . “We half concealed it the best we could , but He had a football-like eye. I am prone to getting a boil and, in fact, I carry a small gold medal in my bag because it has always been said that if you put it on your eyes you will not get a boil“, Said Ana Mina to the disbelief of Pablo Motos. “I also take my antibiotics and creams, but it has happened to me so many times that I am already resorting to other things“, Confirmed the guest.

Ankdota Anna Mina on board the Milne-Madrid flight

The producer of the hermegueiro was also curious to find out what happened to Anna Mina on a flight from Milan to Madrid. “I was with my team and we had three tickets in economy class that we wanted to exchange for three tickets in the preferred class. Then, I asked if it was possible to make the change and they told me so, as long as I paid the difference. Also They told me that they had to tell me that they didn’t have any men left because they were assigned to, therefore, I wouldn’t be able to eat. I told them that there was nothing wrong , that the only thing I wanted was to tilt the seat and sleep“, The singer recounted that last February 27 she turned 27 years old.

Ankdota Anna Mina on board the Milne-Madrid flightAtrismedia

“I pay the difference , check the bag , pass the check and When I stood in front of the boarding gate with more than 500 people waiting to board the plane, he gave the stewardess to take the microphone and say: ‘now the group 1 passengers will board and I have some news to tell you: we only have one man left and we decided that it was for Anna Mina’. I can’t believe it. People looked at me as if they were saying, Why do you eat and why don’t I eat?’. He was really funny because he said it was like a Tambula from a gallery“, Anna Mina continued, unable to contain her laughter.

Anna Mina’s romantic weekend that ended in disaster

Anna Mina told another funny story that I starred with a couple. “I’ve been dating a guy for a few months and I I am a person who likes to plan and organize trips. Therefore, for, who did not speak Spanish at all, it was given to organize a romantic weekend I was not allowed to organize anything. I chose everything. I picked him up at the airport and took him to a farm where there was a cabin on the same farm as the angel’s house, so we were scheduled to accompany him all romantic weekend. When we got out of the car, that I was wearing sunglasses and a hat, the owner recognized me and told me that at his house they were lovers of M“, Narrated the steppe.

Anna Mina’s romantic weekend that ended in disasterAtrismedia

‘Total, He gave us the key to the cabin, we went to dinner, arrived late, about one o’clock in the morning, and when he dropped me on the bed, I broke two legs. I fucked up my bed! Then I thought about how I told the owner that I was a big fan at one in the morning that he carried my bed after he saw me arrive with a guy for a romantic weekend,” Anna Mina continued. “We took out the mattress as much as possible, slept three days on the floor as if we were at a festival and on the last day I wrote to him WhatsApp because I was in a hurry to call him and told him that the bed was broken. And you answered me with two codes from the manual, the manual“, Referring to the conclusion of Tuesday’s guest.

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