Gus Palomo, author of ‘SA Matao Paco’ meme, dies


Gus Palomo, author of ‘SA Matao Paco’ meme, dies

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Gus Palomo, Known for being the protagonist of the memeSa Matau Baku‘, She has Deceased Because of a Senser, Against whom he has been fighting for several years, as confirmed by his son on social networks. The guy rose to fame after uttering the famous phrase, especially popular on the internet, During the broadcast of the sixth program ‘vuelta y Vuelta’ last year 2010. The clip, in which he responded to the blow of one of those present, quickly began to spread, which greatly increased his influence after appearing on the humor program ‘Any millisecond questions?‘From the Catalan independent network TV3.

He was his son, Pedro Palomo, Which confirmed the sad news in Social networks, Sharing a post through his profile on X (formerly Twitter). In it, Peter wanted To thank people for their father, He also dedicates to him some kind parting words.

The family thanks all the curries that I have given to my father during these years with humor and respect“, He begins to explain Pedro, who shortly after confirmed the death of his father due to the aforementioned disease: “The center has won the battle, but where my father is still proud of every Carew. Perfect, creative and eternal!! Always be by our side. Gives you health“, She wrote.

The origin of the meme

The meme ‘sa Matau Baku’ belongs to a clip from the sixth program ‘vuelta y Vuelta’ where they talked about The difficulties of a modest third-tier team, Racing de Valbuena , of which Gus was a fan. After a balloon falls into a nearby field, the viral Baku tries to look for it, Kindos El at the moment of his return , which is when Gus pronounces the famous and viral phrase.

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