Granada: Granada and Seiko unite


Granada: Granada and Seiko unite

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Seiko He became a prophet in his land with two huge concerts in Kerman. After completing the second of them, the Granada singer announced that he would become the main sponsor of Grenada, With a unique agreement in the world of sports that unites music and football in an exceptional way.

The armela artist has announced his grandiosity on countless occasions , a passion that he is now taking to a new level with this sponsorship agreement and that, according to the club, “To raise the way of life of football for fans of red and white”.

With this agreement, Saiko’s name will appear on the sets of the next season, in addition to the main pillars of the entity, to start a new phase that strengthens the union between the two, something that has already been evident on previous occasions.

On the sidelines of becoming a patron of red and white, The collaboration between the singer and the club goes even further, With Entertainment and experiences as protagonists, as well as exclusive products that will be launched throughout the cycle.

Prior to this announcement, Saiko had already committed to the Nazar band to cover the costs of implementing the new program at the Granada Stadium after their two concerts, an investment that is around 300,000 euros, The last shows more granadian feeling of the young singer.

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