Gonzalo Mir, in favor of politicizing Labor Day: “the government would have done something good”


Gonzalo Mir, in favor of politicizing Labor Day: “the government would have done something good”

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ESt Thursday, May 2, ‘Public Mirror’ He analyzed the demonstration that took place in the capital of Madrid on the occasion of Yes of the worker. In her country, 11 government ministers attended, along with trade union representatives, An issue that has caused quite a stir in many sectors of the media and the population.

On the morning of Antena 3 , he was the first to demonstrate against this issue Robin is safe. The journalist has stated that “The unions have forgotten their job of defending workers”, Because it has become a “government mouthpiece”. “We cannot be surprised by the crisis of subsidiaries and associates that exist in both the workers ‘committees and the UGTT”, Added the contributor to the’public Mirror’.

Gonzalo Mir

For his part, Gonzalo Mir positioned himself in favor of the participation of politicians in this demonstration: “Is this act politicized? I think I will. But it doesn’t seem to me wrong that it is politicized, because I understand that what is needed is better conditions for workers and they are getting it.”.

In addition, one of the other discussions that arose at this rally was the message of the executive branch about the ‘fake news’ being poured on them. Mir has asserted that “The hoaxes and lies that have spread so easily today are a problem for democracy.”.

Gonzalo Mir: “the unions are not so angry with the government’s action”

Marta Robles, another journalist who was at the discussion table, followed Robin’s safe line: “What you can’t do is, on Labor Day, take 11 ministers and mix them up with union leaders who have to complain to politicians about labor issues”.

Gonzalo Mir

Gonzalo Mir replied that maybe “The unions are not so angry about the government’s action.”. Marta Robles replied that “there are many things to be claimed,” although the collaborator confirmed this “The government has done a good thing to let them stand on that sign together.”.

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