Gerard Pique: “for many people Laporta is the best president in the history of Barra”


Gerard Pique: “for many people Laporta is the best president in the history of Barra”

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EFor a former player in Bara, President League of Kings Founder and CEO of Kosmos, Gerard Pique, He talked with Gerard Romero on the Twitch platform about the exact situation that Parra is currently in. In a short interview he recorded his Player stage, Goes over The last years of the club and the gate I even talked about The coach who looked for the bar In the last few months.

How the player faces crisis moments

The former belograna football player admits that in his youth he did not live as hard as these:”I have lived a few afternoons of this kind because in my little country we usually win“. Beck also explained how the player usually lives: “it affects, it affects you. But it usually affects the player less than people think. You have one or another coach. After all, you are like an employee of a company. They usually adapt to what one or the other asks for. It’s part of the job.”

A little inside information

The Catalan businessman does not want to get ‘wet’ about what happened. “We do not know what reasons there are in there. I’m very out and connected today, but Everything has a reason and explanation“, Confirming the medieval precedent of Barra.

Advantages of the portal

About President LaPorta, the same snappy fisheye of the player, he said: “in general lines, you can check everything The president’s job performance was not bad at Can para. The thing is that people live at this moment a lot , but For many Laporta is the best president in the history of the club“.

The partner is the most responsible

About the members, who decided to vote for Laporta and some now seem not to be completely happy, Beck said: “When members go to vote, they have to take responsibility for the vote they made. In a little bit of Bartomeu, Al Cole voted for him after he won the trilogy”.

People are very manipulative and vote for results, And the results are not all. If Coles decides to vote for Joan Laporta As president of Barra, Now you will have to give him confidenceAt least until the end of his term, ” normal.

Thiago Motta, a possible alternative?

“I have no idea, I don’t know him. I didn’t get to coincide with L because when I got to March, “He said of Thiago Motta, One of the coaches who has looked for Barra during the current campaign.

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