Futsal: Sergio Lozano tops fide Vidal’s list for Uzbekistan World Cup


Futsal: Sergio Lozano tops fide Vidal’s list for Uzbekistan World Cup

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The Spanish Football Federation got that the submission of the selection list for the World Cup for Uzbekistan was A real party. From the ‘ initial whistle ‘in the presence of Chima Rivas, who presented the World Cup selection song’ La Haye dos sin Tres ‘ until the final whistle, everything went perfectly, as well as fide Vidal, who will be looking for his third star in Uzbekistan.

It all started on December 3 2000 in Guatemala. “You never think I can get there. “In 2000, it was planned to break a psychological barrier, to beat Brazil, which won everything,”said Alberto riquer, one of the stars of the Spanish national team.

Four years later, after the elimination of Brazil in the semifinals, December 5, 2004 in Chinese Taipei, Spain Rebeta triumph, this time, against Italy: the second star. “The best thing about this selection was the set. We became very strong after winning Brazil in the semifinals and knew that we would win the final,” said Javi Limon, the star of the second star.

# Aburlaterserstar to be the red escort haggstag for 23 days to be the Spanish in Uzbekistan in pursuit of the third star. And the moment came when fide Vidal took the floor. “All the lists are complicated, but the Spanish coach is always complicated. You’re not just trying to bring in the Top 14, but the people who will perform the most. One always tries to do the best.”

We are not looking for the best 14 , but the 14 most suitable to face the World Cup”

Fide Vidal, national futsal coach

Some young fans gave a list of 15, From which one you will fall into a final relationship, but it will be with the nugget in Uzbekistan. They started with goaltenders Jess Herrero, Dak Plana and Chimi. As a closure: Boyce, Tomaz and Antonio Perez. As closing wards: milado and Sergio Lozano. For the wards: Adolfo, Cortes, Katella and Saar. As the axes of the wing: RAL Campos and as bfots: RAL Gamez and Daniel.

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