From the source: “we have seen a genius genius ; we are very lucky that he is Spanish”


From the source: “we have seen a genius genius ; we are very lucky that he is Spanish”

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LUES de la Fuente gave speed hugs after the match and at the press conference did the same with his players as the protagonist. “Of course I have confidence in this team. They are great players. They always work for the benefit of the team, they are generous and it is an insatiable team that wants to improve every day. I’m proud of everyone. The credit belongs to the players. We have to choose him. The actors and those who make us be here and live such an important situation, they are. I am proud to have reached the final and we have reached the chief military observer. We are able to do many things. My job is to choose the players. I’ve been thinking about this since the first month I was hired as a coach. That’s what you can do and you give me the reason. This final has been cooked since the day I was appointed coach.”

About Morata’s possible injury after a collision with a security guard. “We think it’s nothing. Let’s wait tomorrow. She has strong ways. Morata is an example, the best leader we can have. He is generous in his efforts, has the ability to work. It’s indisputable and we need it inside and outside the center. He has extraordinary greatness as a human being. He will go down in the history of Spanish football. He has a lot of tournaments left with us.”

He never doubted what these football players could do. “If I knew these players, I knew the raw materials there and that’s why we made some decisions that were difficult for you to understand. You have to believe in the offensive bet. It’s a very versatile team, with a lot of records. This knowledge that I have about football players is what gives us so many possibilities.

A contender for the final: “We are happy to have reached this final. We managed to reach the final again and take Spain where it belongs to the sport.”

Once the lady puts the value of what the players do. “We have to put a value on what these players are doing, something exceptional and unique. We want to keep making history, we don’t want to relax. We talked about all the situations before the match and this helped us overcome all the adversity.”

The game plan to be able to beat FranceA: “we were perfect. In the first half there were more cases of backlash. In the second half it was a more tactical game. What I played for was to play this semi-final.”

Recovery is a fundamental thing in this type of lottery. “We have to think about getting the players back. They are at the limit of this extraordinary effort. They are generous, they think all the time about doing wonderful things.”

He was emphatic about dicks about kokorella. “They don’t represent anyone. German society is great, but they don’t represent football or anyone.

As she described Lamin’s goal. “We saw a brilliant genius. He should be taken care of. He has to keep working and keep his feet on the ground. We are very lucky that she is Spanish and that we will enjoy her for many years. I am lucky to direct these players to Lamine, to Danny…. We have a selection with a lot of present, but more future.”

She described what was done by Navas. “He is an example for football, for teammates, for fans. He does everything right. He is a football player who can quit football whenever he wants. He can play more or less, but he always adds.”

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