From the source: “I don’t know the German law, but Lamine will continue to play at eleven o’clock at night”


From the source: “I don’t know the German law, but Lamine will continue to play at eleven o’clock at night”

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LAce de la Fuente asked for calm and tranquility before the match against Georgia. “It’s not going to be easy at all. You have to do well to get to the rooms. They defeated Portugal. We don’t think Georgia will be easy. They’ve grown up a lot. Out of respect, you have to do well to have a chance to win. Our style is to play well. Our players demand that. We will not condition our style for nothing. There are a lot of outstanding improvements in this selection.”

Discuss possible changes in the title of the teamA. “They are all very well. The team depends on the sensations, on what we are looking for, and also on the competitors. Everyone is in good shape and they give me guarantees.”

La presseine ET Lamine. “We talk to him every day. Both we and Liz Vallejo. He shows an inappropriate maturity at his age, but he is in formation as a football player and as a person we are all responsible in this process. Let’s do our job and let him play. Nothing, Mrs. I don’t know German law. If the plate has to be removed at 11: 00… We’re not thinking.”

About the ten goals scored for Georgia in recent clashes. “A different European Cup has started. At the end of the training we give thanks and ask for improvement. Now what we are talking about is maximum intensity. The game against Georgia is the most important. They are quick in transitions, they have scored several goals. They stand out for that. We must have maximum tension and vigilance. If we have more ball, it will be basic. They are very fast. They also go on reserve swimming… We have to be aware of all the details.”

Favorites and surprises such as Italy’s elimination against Switzerland. “All messages are aimed at avoiding nepotism. We have to be at our best to beat Georgia. Maximum respect. The 1-7 win over Georgia was very important for us. We showed that we are very strong and United. We began to water the Family term for delicate moments. It was the debut of Lamin.”

Change Le Normand and yellow as a threat. “We planned to play the heart of Defense for 45 minutes. It was planned. We want to have a lot of new players. The most important match of the tournament is against Georgia. We will stand out the best, the most noticed. We have 26 great players.”We’re not thinking about yellow, or anything like that. The most important party is the party in Georgia. If there are any penalties in the future, nothing, another one of the 26 that we have here will come out.”

About the cruelty of Georgia. “Hardness? I recommend that you watch the matches of my little players, those that were red cards. I have known the choice since 2015. I don’t think they are strong, and if the team that chose high-quality football and more with Sagnol on the bench, he does a great job.”

A letter to Javi. “This is his house. He’s with us. He is a very touched and dear one. I would love to see him with us again.”

Mamardashvili has the opinion that’ kfara ‘ is the best of all of Spain. “He has to defend his colleagues. Kafara is a big player. I also think that my team’s players are the best in the world.”

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