France Deschamps and Mbappe very touched


France Deschamps and Mbappe very touched

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LTo France from Didier Deschamps He comes out very hurt after falling in the semifinals of the European Championship. Coach and captain, Kylian Mbappe, She is and will be the topic of discussion in the coming days. The technician , who has two more years of contraroUntil the 2026 World Cup, the Real Madrid player, Captain and major From Les Bleus, They cast doubt on the fact that the goal of the semifinals is to get to Baya.

Poor game, different system changes Throughout the entire tournament, besides The low form of Killian and Antoine Griezmann, Are weighty arguments to justify the bad image , and in principle, The coach is not in danger. In September there will be a new menu for League of nations And in the French union they hope to give another picture. The rule will be practically the same and the changes, very few, if anything, will affect the players who have not played a single minute in this tournament.

Spain 2-1 France: highlights and goals / European Cup (semi-final)

Zidane, the eternal aspirant

But In France, the presented bad game was not liked at all. Deshan was replenished in the last hour by validor, Noel Le Graet, Before messing with Zidane He left the office at the door of the Atres. But The leaving manager was a well-tied coach continuity, The winner of the 2028 World Cup, who reached the finals of Euro 2016, the eighth in 2012 and the semifinal in 2024, not forgetting the Nations League victory against Spain. Thus, the normal thing is that it continues except that no reaction will be appreciated once it is done Restore the best version of all players. So Zidane, an eternal aspirant, will have to wait for the next World Cup to end.

Mbappe didn’t come out well either. He suffered for the first time in his PAS Very acidic criticism From the media or former players like Beatty. The fatigue of the season at Paris Saint-Germain is obvious, His back problems First and foremost Injury to the nose He was left far below his level. However, the feeling that remained is that he seems to be the only player capable of causing damage.

Fatigue is not an excuse

But it is clear that Deschamps no longer enjoyed authority in the group before. Against Spain we saw a very defensive team and the argument that the players were tired is not worth it. Griezmann himself said so. “They (from Spain) also came from playing Brugge. With talent it would not be worth it, ” said Red and white. A clear message that the work of the group needs to be rotated And to the motive. Griezmann was one of the other seals of his status in terms of form.

With talent it will not be valuable


The group wanted to convey the usual Union, but there were messages that did not go in the same direction. Legislative elections were held in focus It was another complicated issue the union had to deal with. If Mbappe wanted to carry the singing voice as a leader, the players like Rabiot or Griezmann with two hands during the tournament separating politics and sport, Against manifestations of Kund, chuamni, dimple or Turam.

But Elections are a one-time eventAlthough there is also a mathematical debate. Rabiot was very rude in the previous match against Spain when he talked about the state of form of Mbappe and Griezmann. About red and white , he said, ” I don’t know how to explain it., Maybe it’s physical, it’s clear that if it was full it would be easier, but it’s not.”.

Rabiot and Lamine’s goal

It was Griezmann and Mbappe who stood out last night after the defeat to Spain. The one in sports… Send a message that they replied: “Let’s know that they shot very well from outside the area, let’s know that Lamine was left-handed and he had that shot… They scored this goal for us”. In the Bluegrass target move, Rabiot is with El to stop him from shooting.”

France, in Short, wants change. Until the euro, the Deschamps defensive system was not discussed because it gives results. Doha reached the final with the same idea, But the determinant was not It was not discussed as it is now. Moreover, Philippe Diallo is not such a devoted follower of Deschamps as Le gret was. He has no planned sequel , but in the Union and among public opinion The coach has missed more domineering. “If you don’t like France, don’t watch it,” he answered a journalist before the match against Spain. The fact is that throughout the tournament the coach was seen more on the defensive than ever. Rely on him to change things.

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