Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2024: Hamilton is first , but Leclerc is the one who warns in Monaco ; Alonso 6 and Sainz 10


Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2024: Hamilton is first , but Leclerc is the one who warns in Monaco ; Alonso 6 and Sainz 10

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UNa Blurred image of frames Used, it was what was seen in the first free practice of the menaco Grand Prix 2024. Lewis Hamilton took the fastest time, followed by Oscar Piastri, in 0.029 and his teammate, George Russell, in 0.126. Mercedes, with a soft and The low temperatures, with a slight sparkle in the Monte Carlo Sky, proved once again that Fridays in the morning are the Kings, But the most predictable thing is that they will decrease as the weekend progresses.

Alonso and Aston Villa

Fernando Alonso I’ve been to multiple sclerosis and He set the sixth fastest time of the session, With soft tires, in free tires in which he tried Solve the overdirection first Get out of the car and then gain confidence in each of his laps.

Two Aston Martin cars appeared in manaco with UA certain composition. They have released a new high load alerne, Which includes the main and lower plane (the bean wing, which is located in the area near the escape), and according to what they reported to Marka, It is combined with the front wing before the Imola , that is, before the upgrade package Which had a limited rate last week.

It’s about finding a balance between that Ms Atres pregnancy , to compensate with Better handling from the front, Less important, at low-speed turns.

Your partner, Lance Stroll, can Septimo, 0.014 Asturian, So both drivers had very similar performance with this compound from the C5, the softest Pirelli.

LeClair, from the first to the fifth

The Ferrari and Red Bulls could not finish on top , but Charles Leclerc, who was the best at the start with the difficult, took fifth place with an average of 0.228 from Hamilton, which will give him the best virtual time, At least two dozen compared to Mercedes and Piastri. A lot Ferrari, with Monaco and Sainz, like Red Bull, preferred not to ride soft And save yourself a bunch of valuable MS for the rest of the weekend.

As, Carlos theremin desimo, just ahead of Verstappen and Chico, Although the Mexican is already tenths away from the first two. Ferrari generally started with more power , but it’s Friday and the differences are minimal.

The The SF – 24 is similar to the one with the lower rear wing MS in the menaco, without losing efficiency, and at the same time Ms Gill when turning On the narrowest curves. At the moment, the prospects are very good for those from Maranello.

The Free Practice 2 (today, 17.00 hours) and morning qualifying (16.00), it may rain At some point and it can completely change the weekend for the favorite. Strong emotions are coming.

Free Practice 1, menako GP 2024

1 L. Hamilton Mercedes 1’12″169 33

2 x. Piastri McLaren 1’12″198 +00″029 29

3 C. Russell Mercedes 1’12″295 +00″126 33

4 L. Norris McLaren 1’12″396 +00″227 31

5 Jim Locklear Ferrari 1’12″397 +00″228 32

6 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 1’12″775 +00″606 26

7 L. Aston Martin picnic 1’12″789 +00″620 24

8 y. p. Tsunoda (a) 1’12″875 +00″706 33

9d-Ricardo RB 1’12″901 +00″732 34

10 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1’12″954 +00″785 33

11 m. Verstappen Red Bull 1’12″984 +00″815 28

12 s. Perez Red Bull 1’13″229 +01″060 28

13 against the share of Bottas 1’13″248 +01″079 26

14 K. Magnussen Haas 1’13″390 +01″221 32

15a-Albon Williams 1’13″425 +01″256 32

16 N. Hulkenberg-Haas 1’13″576 +01″407 33

17 L Sargent Williams 1’14″150 +01″981 34

18 e Okun Alpine 1’14″159 +01″990 31

19 g. Chu’s share 1’14″570 +02″401 28

20 p. Gasly Albin 1’17″356 +05″187 8

There was a toga flag for waste on the track and then it was restarted with 10 minutes left for the International Swimming Federation. But the first raindrops and the already worn-out combinations of softness did not improve most of the time.

LeClair and Sainz, starting with

The Ferrari led during the first half hour, with the hard frame, imposing on Tsunoda (medium) and Verstappen (hard). McLaren seems a little off the pace, especially PiastriBut Fridays are usually very quiet.

Locklear He was always ahead of Sainz With that game of soft squad and ACAP, with 0.362 in that batch under madrillo. It seems very connected from the very beginning.

Verstappen He was raising the walls, but he could not beat all his rivals, he was taking measures for the rest of the weekend.

Alonso, On the other hand, he started very calm, but he was tuning until he reached eighth place with a solid tire, although he was overtaken by some competitors by the median. It was a 0.4 second walk up From ASTRI in his personal record..

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