Formula 1: Michael Schumacher’s family extortionists arrested


Formula 1: Michael Schumacher’s family extortionists arrested

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EOn Monday it was reported in the German Press that the criminals They tried to blackmail the family of Michael Schumacher. All information comes from Public prosecutor’s office Wuppertal, Which investigates the shocking case of extortion of the heptacampen world environment of Formula 1.

As everyone knows, Shumi He lives in isolation after He had a serious skiing accident on December 29, 2013. He has not appeared in public since that fateful moment. And it is true that any details that are leaked are of great importance given the secrecy surrounding the personality of the great German pilot. It makes sense that Corinna, a woman from Keyser, Acti-s, considering the morbidity caused by the health status of seven-time world campin.


Der Spiegel It was the media that revealed the latest news on this issue. He was contacted by prosecutor Wolf Tillmann Baumert, who explained to them how the suspects who demanded millions from the Schumacher clan were arrested.

The threat of blackmailers

The alleged perpetrators of this coercion They are two men (father and son) who are between the ages of 53 and 30. Apparently, they played with a card Being in possession of hacked documents. In exchange for her anonymity they asked for a lot of money. If they refused to give them the millionaire number they threatened to publish everything in Darknet.

Alleged perpetrators of extortion They were arrested on June 19 At a con supermarket in gross-gerau, Hesse, they are currently in custody. They were arrested because they sent individual files to Schumacher to emphasize the seriousness of their threat.

We’ll have to see what happens in the end, but they are in danger of having to serve penalties from the Penal Code Up to five years.

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